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Surveillance Teams and Equipment

SIP has been specialising in covert surveillance since it was established in 1983 and as a result has vast experience in dealing with the unexpected.
We have undertaken major complex international covert surveillance operations that on many occasions have been in hostile environments.

Our surveillance teams have been hand selected, then trained in-house and a number of the operatives are ex-military, ex-government agency or ex-police. They operate in all fields of commercial, criminal, insurance, matrimonial, counter terrorism, counterfeiting, etc. SIP surveillance teams are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art covert surveillance equipment to ensure they capture the images that are relevant to the case.

SIP surveillance teams operate in all jurisdictions and frequently follow individuals from one country to another. When clients instruct SIP for surveillance they can be assured they are getting a service of the highest calibre and results that they can rely on.

Surveillance Teams
SIP Undercover Operatives
SIP Covert Surveillance Equipment