KYC Enhanced Due-Diligence

In an increasingly global economy, financial institutions and businesses are more vulnerable to being innocently involved in illicit criminal activities. KYC is designed to help protect you against fraud, money laundering, corruption, terrorist financing and engaging with sanctioned countries. 

Most financial institutions and corporations have internal software that addresses KYC. SIP's objective is to provide an additional layer to the intelligence you already have in place today. SIP aims to support you in having a successful compliance and risk management programme as the demands of meeting KYC obligations intensify as more stringent regulatory requirements come into force. SIP has a unique approach to open-source intelligence; unlike our competitors, we do not rely on conventional online software tools. Instead, our in-house dedicated open-source server gathers information compliantly from the worldwide surface and deep webs. In addition, when required, our experienced researchers can also engage and infiltrate dark web chat rooms to extract vital information; plus, we use a dedicated server that can access over 420 global subscribers and public databases.

For clients with a lesser demand for KYC checks and prefer to avoid paying Monthly Subscriptions to an online platform. SIP is pleased to offer a pay-as-yougo option for a combined basic KYC-compliant database search for Flags relating to AML, PEP's Sanctions, and our enhanced layer of open-source intelligence

At SIP, we focus on providing exceptional intelligence gathering, vital analytics, and strategic recommendations to exceed your investigative expectations. Our investigative reports are fully compliant and presented electronically for easy navigation to salient information so that you can make an informed decision. 

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