Protective Security Services

Delivering personal protection that ensures security but does not impede the lifestyle of a principal is a valued skill and one that SIP excel at.
Today’s executives, celebrities and high-profile individuals are faced with extraordinary commercial and individual threats, which require sophisticated security and supervision, as they live exceptional lives and maintain important relationships with close friends, family and associates.
To maintain their illustrious lifestyle requires extraordinary focus and perseverance, and it’s right that these professionals demand only the best from others. At SIP we understand the risks, share this conviction and strive to ensure we meet our client’s needs in protecting them and their families.
Our Executive Protection Specialists’ credentials are as good as they come, they include former U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Service personnel, who have spent their careers protecting high-level U.S. cabinet level officials and foreign dignitaries.
With their wealth of knowledge and experience in this field, we take away the stress from our clients, by them knowing that they are in the safe hands of SIP Executive Protective Professionals who are trained not only in strategic and tactical circumstances, but also highly skilled in extreme intense and acute situations, where their expertise still maintains a low profile while protecting our clients

As a result, you get safety, security, and the ability to focus on your desires, while we concentrate on protecting you and your family in the comfort of your home, at business, at sea on yachts, on private jets or other international travel as may be applicable. Our global network also enables us to carry out indispensable advance security for any trip, from pre-trip advisories and ground transportation issues to in-country personnel support.

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