CEO & President – Global Investigations & Intelligence

Our CEO founded SIP International Group in 1983, following a successful career as an investigator in the United Kingdom, The company has since evolved into being a renowned global one-stop-solution organisation for all specialist investigation, intelligence, cyber & digital forensic, protective security & AI security systems integration, cybersecurity, TSCM, reputation management and more.

He has worked with and continues to work alongside many law enforcement and government agencies worldwide, which has entailed conducting myriad of high-profile investigations, including but not limited to crimes of corruption, extortion, fraud, ponzi schemes, insider trading, embezzlement, cybercrime, copyright infringement, murder, antiquities and drug smuggling.

In earlier years our CEO, has led specialist intelligence and recognisance teams overseas, to locate and recover of abducted children. Was actively engaged in technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) at Embassies, other government departments and corporates worldwide. Directed close protection operations for government officials, judges, corporate VIP’s and high-net-worth individuals. These often complex assignments have covered the UK, USA, Europe, Russia & the Eastern Block, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

With his vast knowledge of legal procedures involving cross-jurisdiction disclosure orders, search & seizure orders and freezing orders, an approach to identify beneficiary owner who may be part of a fraud, or to locate funds and assets globally. He is frequently appointed to legal teams as a litigation strategist, where his input has vastly contributed in the success of the cases he has been involved.

His expertise and direction ensures that all SIP clients receive the ultimate bespoke services to achieve their objectives.

International Security Strategic Director

SIP’s International Security Strategic Director (ISSD) spent a career as a highly accomplished and distinguished U.S. Diplomat, Senior Special Agent, and has now transitioned into the private sector where he provides an array of strategic support catered to our unique bespoke services. He has a depth of expertise in physical, protective and risk mitigation services and is a conceptual developer for preventive security measures, crisis management, public safety, major events, and financial planning.

During the scope of his professional tenure, our ISSD operated and directed approximately $1.8 billion in budgets, and interagency programs, while supervising/managing over 1,200 varying personnel in support of complex high-profile investigations, building highly efficient incident response teams, and coordinating a global exchange of information to direct broad-scope programs and improving largescale operations to enhance U.S.

foreign relations and diplomacy. He has effectively collaborated with both U.S. and foreign high-level government officials to maximize physical, technical, information, network security and protect vital national security data and developing and implementing global policy and procedures to address emerging security challenges in national and multi-lateral environments. During his final assignment in the U.S. government, our ISSD directed an organization which provided provisions to protect soft targets as part of the national security strategy in foreign contingency operations, while at the same time assisting to maintain the completeness’s of U.S. industry abroad.

This global network entailed the deliberate synchronization of a constituency of over 4,600 U.S. companies and organizations with more than 18,000 members from fortune 500-companies, non-profit organizations, faith-based groups, and government agencies all concerned with overseas security, public announcements, travel advisories, terrorist group profiles, country crime and safety reports to its global constituents. While serving as a trusted adviser to the private sector, our ISSD’s leadership facilitated to identify existing vulnerabilities, predict future types of attacks, and improve an organizations’ long-term resiliency. His visionary efforts, and delivery approach has assisted varying institutions protect their most valuable assets – people, information, and infrastructure; based on the tenants of prevention, problem-solving and partnerships.

Our ISSD is also deftly proficient in managing people from different cultures and languages and interfacing with inter-governmental agencies, and international organization communities. He is internationally recognized for an exceptional working aptitude on global investigations, personal, and

Head of Information Security & Software Development

He joined the SIP group in 2020 and he is currently developing a state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre (SOC) and an Integrated Security Ecosystem with leading cutting-edge solutions for our company SIP International Cybersecurity & Forensics LLC.

He has invested over two decades in innovation and towards its successful implementation. With a master’s degree in computer science and an MBA in marketing, he has a strong background in data analytics and platform migration. He has worked for various organisations including Siemens AG, ABB, Oracle and Apex Technologies Inc. and IPIL (Internet Promoters India).

Key deliverables :

  • Has lead successful software product developments in the field of Integrated security, secured e-learning, interactive communications, IoT secured eco systems for enterprise level deployment.
  • Has pioneered development and deployment of leading edge technologies in microservices and blockchain to enable secured transactions across all parameters.
  • Offshore enterprise project implementation for Boston Edison Power Company and a transport management system for the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA).
  • ERP Product development and deployment for global auto giants, including SAP R3.
  • Developing an unified command and control application with Artificial intelligence and IoT framework.
  • With a strong database background, he has pioneered distributed database solutions on Oracle and MS SQL, leading to the creation of blockchain frameworks for industrial application using the cryptographic distributed structure for shared assets.

Digital Forensic Specialist & Fraud Investigator

He has worked with SIP International since 2007 and is head of the UK cybersecurity and forensic department in the UK. He is a highly respected and knowledgeable advanced digital forensic and network security specialist, as well as an experienced police investigator.

His expertise includes computer forensics, criminal investigations, fraud, intelligence and security reviews and analysis of system vulnerabilities. He served 21 years in the Metropolitan Police, 11 of them as a fraud investigator. During this period, he was involved in the investigation of several prominent fraud cases, for which he was commended.

He is considered as one of the leading authorities on system vulnerabilities, and the analysis of criminal methodologies and techniques used by international hackers to penetrate and subvert systems. He has been responsible for the successful subversion of hackers by developing bespoke online finance systems.

Since early 2002, he has provided expert testimony in relation to the forensic analysis of computer systems in both the public and private sector and during that time has undertaken in excess of 2,000 examinations for criminal prosecutions on behalf of UK government agencies.

He has also been responsible for both authoring and implementing IT security policy in the corporate environment and has lectured on computer crime system vulnerabilities in closed sessions to a number of international risk security forums.

Head Integrated Security Solutions & Reputation Management

A former Army Colonel having served in Indian Army for 21 years. He has managed Integrated Security Solutions businesses across various sectors in Government and Corporate organisations. He has immense experience in managing projects in Cyber Crime Investigation and Intelligence Solutions for LEA, defence and allied agencies. He has raised Digital Forensics Unit to serve national/state level intelligence & investigation agencies and huge corporates globally.

He has managed projects in Information Security Services(VA, DLP & Network and Constituted Specialist), Information Security Compliance for Airports, Government and Large Corporates globally. Supported in Brand Management and Social Media Management Projects for HNI and large corporates.

He is a major asset to the SIP, group as he now manages Integrated Security Solutions, Online Reputation Management and Business Branding at SIP International Cyber Security and Forensics LLC.

Head of Global Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

He has been working with SIP for over 25 years and now heads our Technical Surveillance CounterMeasures (TSCM) team. Not only is his expertise in conducting TSCM in residential and commercial buildings, over the last 18 years he has gained experience and know how to carry out specialized searches on Corporate Aircraft. Having been certified Airside by ESSIMA to FAA & EASA standard and on aircraft type that include:

  • Airbus Corporate Jetliner
  • Airbus 319/320
  • Airbus A330
  • Boeing Business Jet (BBJ & BBJ2)
  • Bombardier Global (all models)
  • Bombardier Challenger (all models)
  • Bombardier Learjet (all models)
  • Cessna Citation (all models)
  • Dassault Falcon 2000
  • Dassault Falcon 7X & 8X
  • Embraer Legacy (all models)
  • Gulfstream G4, G4SP & G5 G550/650
  • Hawker 800 & 800XP

When it comes to Maritime he has over 20years experience in comprehensive TSCM searches geared for Major Motor Yachts, Cruise Ships & Commercial Vessels. This includes ‘Hull Check’ for attached devices, Full RF Spectrum Scan, Searches for Passive Devices, Searches for RF Flooding, Physical Searches, Borescope & Thermal Imaging etc.

He also conducts SIP TSCM Training Courses, as with his experience, knowledge of equipment and techniques he is a remarkable instructor. He has provided TSCM training for a number of law enforcement, government agency and corporate bodies worldwide.

Head of Forensic Accounting

Our head of the forensic accountant department has worked with SIP international since 2009, during which time his expertise in forensic accounting has made a valuable contribution to many investigations. He is also an experienced professional witness as a result of giving evidence in many cases.

A chartered accountant and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and also a Member of The Academy of Experts and the Network of Independent Forensic Accountants (NIFA).

His forensic accounting expertise includes cases relating to commercial and contractual disputes, misappropriation, fraud and other complex investigations, criminal defence and confiscation proceedings, matrimonial financial disputes, professional negligence claims, transaction dispute advisory and valuation matters.

He has particular expertise in calculating losses in banking disputes and defending confiscation proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act, as well as defending allegations of money laundering, particularly in relation to money transfer bureaus.

A few examples of his work include but not limited to:

Fraud & Money Laundering

  • Instructed to defend an individual accused of evading income tax. The work involved recalculation of 12 years of profit and loss accounts to calculate the tax that would have been payable.
  • Instructed to defend an individual accused of a Ponzi fraud. The work involved review and analysis of a significant volume of papers to prepare schedules and an expert report for the defence team. Rob entered into various discussions with the opposing forensic accountant, preparing a schedule of agreed points.

POCA confiscation:

  • Instructed by the defence in relation to a client whose cash had been seized by HMRC. The client owned 3 large newsagents which were mainly cash businesses. Rob was instructed to perform a cash tracing exercise to ascertain whether the cash could have come from legitimate trade. As a result of his work, HMRC returned the cash to the defendant.
  • Instructed by the defence in relation to a convicted drug dealer who was facing a confiscation order in excess of £5 million. The work involved a review of thousands of emails in order to create the defendant’s accounts and calculate the benefit obtained from his crime. Based on his evidence, the confiscation order was reduced to under £300,000.

Director of U.S. Operations

Director of SIP U.S. Operations and Licensed Investigator in the State of Florida. He has facilitated successful SIP investigations pertaining to cases of extortion, bitcoin fraud, asset tracing & family disputes.

He is highly proficient in understanding and listening to clients’ needs and interacting with them by utilizing his high level of interpersonal skills and bespoke services capabilities. He is fluent in 5 languages; English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French, which enables him to engage in conversations with SIP clients’ globally.

Before his career change and joining SIP, he spent three-decades in the financial sector. He commenced his professional career at Citibank and Credit Lyonnais in the U.S. and Lloyds bank in Europe. After departing the private banking sector, he took a partnership in one of Europe’s top Asset Management Firms, where he created the family office division assisting high net-worth individuals/families in all aspects of their lives, such as: Wealth and Succession Planning; Asset Management, Global Real Estate Acquisitions; and Portfolio Investments and Financial Assessments.

Director of Brazilian Operations

Director of SIP International Cybersecurity & Intelligence LTDA, based at our Brazilian Head Office in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to his role as Operations Director, he is the head of ‘Software Development and Platform Support’ where he is supported by an experienced team of IT specialists.

Software developer, analyst and entrepreneur since 1983. Creator of an ERP for Law Firms offering extensive experience in operational, legal and administrative routines obtained in firms of different sizes and cultures. Besides being the creator of other software, such as hotel and/or restaurant management, project and construction monitoring, commercial and fiscal management of industries, wholesale commerce management, accounting offices, human resources (HR) department management, and many others.

In constant academic life, he has post-graduate degrees in IT Management, Mobile Development, Artificial Intelligence, and is a post-graduate student in Information Security.

SIP welcomes a person of this calibre to be part of our team, knowing that his skills and knowledge in development and entrepreneurship, to guarantee to our Brazilian clients, the best professional service to meet their goals.

Director – Construction Disaster Investigation Analyst & Panic Room Designs and Installations

A director of SIP International Cybersecurity & Intelligence LTDA, based at our offices in São Paulo, Brazil. He has a wealth of experience, in engineering and corporate management. He a major asset to SIP as a specialist analyst in construction disaster investigations, his cases include:

  • Technical Opinion on the Sinister Flood of the Anhangabaú Tunnel – São Paulo 1998.
  • Technical Opinion on the Sinister Flood of the Wal Mart Super Market – São Paulo 2000.
  • Technical Opinion on the Claim – Collapse and collapse of SEA WALL in North Miami Florida USA 2002
  • 2002 E.M.E.F. Prof. João de Souza Ferraz Technical Opinion on the Sinister Collapse of School

He also provides SIP with considerable professional input when it comes to the design and installation of ‘Panic Attack Safe Rooms’ in private residences and corporate offices globally, as well as the more traditional security installations.

Regional Sales & VIP Concierge Travel Director

A director of SIP International Cybersecurity & Intelligence LTDA based at our Belo Horizonte Office, in Brazil. He has 35 years of experience working with sales and marketing of companies of products and services across several regions in Brazil. In addition since 2007 he has specialized in creating bespoke global travel itineraries for VIP’s and Executives for both social and business trips according to their individual or company needs.

When applicable this entails working with personal security, for a risk assessment on the type of accommodation to be occupied, securing same prior to the VIP’s or Executives arrival to ensure that there are no illicit listening devices or other threat and ensuring fast track access to Charted Aircraft, Yachts and vehicles as may be required etc.

With his valuable connections in the travel industry and his detailed analyses of a proposed venue, accommodation and monitoring real-time occurrences at an intended destination, timelines etc. He provides a valuable input to the ‘SIP VIP Concierge Service’ to ensure that our clients benefit from quality secure accommodation and have comfortable fast track transportation to any global destination.