Law Firm Support Services

Global Law Firm Support

Since 1983, SIP has provided support services to law firms worldwide, and is now recognised globally to have the expertise to undertake assignments in an ethical and professional manner.

SIP is aware of the different legislations that apply in countries worldwide, it has international intelligence resources and a network of experienced operatives to cover any area of support that a law firm may seek. No matter if the case is a basic trace, domestic matter, a complex international fraud investigation, or the security of their and their client’s confidential data or communications.

Ours services include but not limited to:

  • Physical site attendance investigations
  • E-discovery forensic investigations
  • Pre-action intelligence gathering
  • In-depth global background investigations
  • Collating evidence & evaluation for strategic case preparation
  • Online open source intelligence, using ‘cyber investigative software and human analyst’
  • Global asset trace & recovery support
  • Witness & debtor trace
  • Witness interview & statements
  • Surveillances worldwide
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Defence Investigations

SIP has a wealth of experience in reviewing prosecution evidence conducting defence investigations. Historic defence cases include but not limited to fraud, white-collar crime, money laundering, murder, drug smuggling and other related drug offences, challenging extradition requests etc.

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Legal Team Support

SIP has worked with law firms for decades, we know how important it is to have a strong legal team. SIP itself has an established independent team of specialist lawyers in a number of countries, that can also be made available to any of the legal firms that instruct us.

Also, SIP has worked with top international law firms as a legal team member. As with the growing network of offshore entities behind which individuals and companies can hide, there is an increasing number of cases involving cross-border litigation. SIP is aware of and has the experience of navigating the complex legal procedures in cases that cut across jurisdictions and therefore can often assist in avoiding the pitfalls that may otherwise may have been encountered.

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Litigation Investigations & Research

SIP can support law firms by gathering the necessary evidence for commercial, civil, criminal and matrimonial investigations. As not only does SIP have in-house specialist investigators, it also has a team of 50 cyber and digital forensic experts, forensic accountants and surveillance operatives.

SIP with bespoke legal compliant cyber forensic software tools, enables us to troll over 1,000 search engines globally, including the deep and dark web. This capability will exceed that of your researcher will in the majority of instance produce more intelligence from social media, blogs, locate documents etc, in relation to individuals or entities as may be applicable.

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Search and Seizures

SIP frequently engage in the direction of the tactical approach and in the carrying out the search and seizures of documents, computers, data storage devices etc, as may be directed by a Court to preserve as evidence. SIP is aware of the very strict rules on the service and execution of such an order, and is highly experienced in this field.

When computers and servers cannot be removed, SIP digital forensic specialist are fully aware of the stringent protocols that have to be followed when conducting onsite imaging of the computer and other data storage devices as may be directed by the Court.

SIP CEO Kenneth Lodge, has been appointed by the UK High Court as a ‘supervising officer’ due to his expertise in engaging in search and seizure orders.

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