Asset Trace Investigations & Recovery

SIP has specialised in tracing tangible and liquid assets since 1983 and has successfully traced over $1 billion in assets globally. We conduct comprehensive open-source research using a bespoke compliant cyber intelligence server that scours the global surface, deep, and dark web. Our unique dedicated server enables us to conduct database searches on over 420 international paid subscribers and public databases with a single input of the subject's identifiers. Our analytic researchers then evaluate the compliant data, regardless of language, to extract the most relevant information that may lead to the location of tangible assets such as property, vessels, aircraft, shares in businesses, or links to offshore entities where the subject may be the ultimate beneficial owner. We also investigate close family members or other persons who may hold assets on behalf of the subject through a POA or another appropriate instrument.

At SIP, we excel at proving asset ownership, as we have extensive knowledge of cross-jurisdiction legislations and procedures to avoid the many pitfalls that law firms may encounter. We draft specific content for Court Orders and enforce them in other jurisdictions to secure disclosures from business entities, banks, other financial institutions, and more. Our objective is to ensure the best evidence possible to support asset recovery to fulfil a client's judgment.

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