Commercial & Private Client Investigations

Since our establishment in 1983, SIP has successfully conducted over 50,000 estimated investigations worldwide, boasting an excellent success rate. We remain current with the latest integration technologies and utilise a compliant, unique, bespoke server cyber-intelligence investigative software platform that extracts data and documents from the surface and deep web. Additionally, our specialist team infiltrates dark web chat rooms when necessary to obtain sought-after evidence.

At SIP, we pride ourselves on providing personalised attention and support to all our business and private clients. We treat every client with equal respect, demonstrating our commitment to delivering the best advice and a professional approach tailored to each case's specific circumstances. Our diverse clientele for complex investigations ranges from regular public members to high-profile celebrities, VIPs, HNW individuals, businesses of all sizes, banks, other financial institutions, and corporations

SIP has the technical capabilities and specialised professional investigators, analytic researchers, computer/digital forensics, forensic accountants, and an established global network of local investigators, allowing us to conduct ground inquiries when necessary. Therefore, we offer a wide range of investigative options to assist our clients.

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