Protective Security Services

SIP is a highly skilled provider of personal protection services, prioritising the safety and security of our clients while maintaining their desired lifestyles. We understand that high-profile individuals, such as executives and celebrities, face significant commercial and personal threats that require sophisticated security measures. To meet these demands, we provide executive protection specialists with exceptional credentials, including former U.S. Secret Service and Department of State Diplomatic Security Service personnel.

Our professionals are trained in strategic and tactical circumstances, as well as in extreme, intense, and acute situations that require maintaining a low profile while protecting clients. This expertise allows us to provide comprehensive protection for clients in various settings, including their homes, business engagements, yachts at sea, or during international travel.

Our global network enables us to provide indispensable advance security services, including pre-trip advisories, ground transportation, and in-country personnel support. At SIP, we prioritise client satisfaction and aim to deliver the highest level of protection without impeding their desired lifestyles.

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