Surveillance & Undercover Operations

At SIP, we understand that effective surveillance requires highly skilled individuals with the experience and expertise to navigate unpredictable situations while remaining discreet. With over 40 years of experience specialising in surveillance, our teams work seamlessly together to ensure optimal results. We have dedicated surveillance teams in our UK and USA offices which are frequently assigned to support our global clientele.

Surveillance is often necessary when evidence of an association between individuals or entities is required. In many instances in the business world, evidence is sought when an employee is suspected of selling confidential information or trade secrets to a competitor or when there are concerns about fraudulent sick leave claims. For insurance clients, surveillance is used to secure evidence of physical fitness when a person is claiming disability insurance or in family matters, where there is a need to ensure proof of infidelity or concerns for a child's welfare in custody matters and much more.

SIP's undercover operatives engage in a wide range of assignments, including infiltrating political demonstrating organisations, organised crime gangs involved in the selling and manufacturing counterfeit products, religious cults, and even our clients' businesses to identify staff theft or other wrongdoing.

At SIP, we understand that your surveillance needs are unique, and we are committed to delivering results that meet your specific requirements. You can trust that your surveillance needs will be handled by a skilled team with a proven track record of success

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