Law Firm Support Services

SIP has provided comprehensive support services to legal firms since 1983, covering a broad range of complex investigative, forensic, and related services. Our team's expertise in dealing with global high-value frauds and asset tracing enables us to handle cases expeditiously and productively. We recognise the intricacies of cross-jurisdiction legislation and provide support to prevent potential pitfalls arising from the applications and enforcement of legal procedures.

Our diverse team consists of criminal investigators, cyber forensic specialists with knowledge of blockchain applications and cryptocurrency transaction processes, digital forensics experts for e-discovery, forensic accountants, surveillance operatives, and open-source research analysts. We take pride in our research capabilities, enhanced by our unique bespoke server with cyber-intelligence investigative software that extracts data and documents from the surface, deep, and dark worldwide web while complying with the UK, European GDPR, and U.S. Data Protection legislation. Additionally, we have a dedicated server that can access over 420 global subscriber and public databases, including top AML sites and more.

At SIP, we focus on providing exceptional intelligence gathering, vital analytics, and strategic recommendations to exceed your investigative expectations. Our investigative reports are fully compliant and presented electronically for easy navigation to salient information or relevant evidence in legal proceedings. SIP reports provide a sturdy foundation for legal proceedings, enhancing your chances of success.

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