Crisis Response

In today's fast-paced business environment, individuals and organisations are at constant risk of online and offline threats, demanding quick decision-making to address malicious activities. Such situations raise questions about the severity of the threat, the identity of the perpetrator, the potential consequences of inaction, and the effectiveness of engaging law enforcement. Moreover, confidentiality is paramount, and identity disclosure to the press must be avoided at all costs. At SIP, we offer a comprehensive solution to such crises, ensuring confidentiality, minimising the risk of exposure, and guiding individuals and organisations through the process to a satisfactory outcome.

Our capabilities are unmatched; we have advanced bespoke cyber intelligence gathering software tools and access to over 420 global subscriber and public databases. We can promptly address any scenario, including but not limited to extortion by threatening to expose personal or business information, ransomware attacks, kidnapping and hostage demands, cyber extortion, terrorism threats, hijacking of transported goods, hijacking of ships and aircraft, stolen stock or other valuable items, and investigation of fraud or cryptocurrency transactions.

With SIP, individuals and businesses can rest assured of receiving professional and expert support. We offer timely and effective solutions to any crisis scenario, ensuring the safety and security of our clients.

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