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Legal Team and Solicitor Support Services
Legal Teams

SIP has been working in conjunction with law firms representing its clients for decades and knows that in any type of case, be it fraud, medical, commercial, complex white collar crime or matrimonial financial settlements, if the client wants to secure the best possible results, then a legal team is essential. Historically legal teams consisted of a number of lawyers & barristers/QC’s who specialised in a particular field but now with cross jurisdictions and growing technology there is a growing need for input from specialist investigators, forensic accounts and IT forensics. Apart from points of law this joint knowledge enables decisions on changing case tactics and the forensic evaluation of evidence, etc.

During recent years SIP’s CEO, Kenneth Lodge, has been working with top international law firms as a legal team member, where he has been engaged in discussions on case tactics and drafting of documents; he specialised in the forensic examination and evaluation of documented evidence, both submitted and received in commercial, insurance, complex criminal and high-worth matrimonial cases.

Practises and methodology have been preferred over this period of time and include:

As a result of Kenneth’s expertise in this area, lawyers/solicitors, barristers and judges have constantly praised him for the manner in which he has contributed to a case including his evaluation and presentation of evidence. In addition to this it has been acknowledged that the successful results would NOT have been achieved for the client without his input.

The combined knowledge and shared opinions of the specialist solicitor, barrister/QC, investigator and other appropriate specialist, when working as a team, prove extremely invaluable and beneficial in achieving the best results.

In instances where the client does not have a solicitor/lawyer already representing them, SIP has a good knowledge of specialist lawyers/solicitors dealing in many fields of law and will be pleased to assist the client in formulating the right team that is affordable and within the client’s budget.


Solicitor Support Services
Litigation Research

SIP is able to perform commercial, civil, criminal and matrimonial investigations on behalf of law firms in order to provide the support they may require in the gathering of appropriate evidence, such as data information, document research and analysis of evidence, tracing, witness statements, plans of locus quo, surveillances, IT forensics, forensic accountancy, etc.

SIP has been providing services in these areas to the legal profession since 1983 and keeps pace with the changing legislation. In specialist areas SIP has access to expert witnesses to compile reports in respect of their particular speciality and to attend Court for the purposes of giving evidence should the need arise.

SIP is able to deal with all matters which a law firm would expect of an investigation agency and much more. Any enquiry from a law firm will receive a prompt response and a professional service.