VIP Specialist Concierge Services

This is a unique service, that originated due to the increasing demand over the last decade from HNW individuals, requesting SIP to source specific items or provide specialist services. SIP were able to provide them with a prompt unsurpassed professional service and assured them strictest confidentiality.

When a client first approaches us on a very urgent matter, valuable time can be lost, extracting information about the client and their current concern. This information is needed so that a risk assessment can be made, to ensure that we approach the assignment, in a manner that is most advantageous for the client. Therefore, to avoid any time loss, we now offer any HNW person or their ‘Family Office’, the opportunity to pre-register with the ‘SIP International VIP Concierge Club’.

Following registration, SIP creates a client profile, which includes undertaking a due-diligence search on them, as the principal. Our findings are then shared with the principal as risk/threat assessment, so we are aware of what information a third party may also be capable of extracting. This is a valuable first stage, as based on the information identified, we make appropriate recommendations, to overt a potential security threat, undertake reputation management, image branding etc. Every principal is assigned a SIP VIP concierge coordinator, who can be contacted 24/7, so it enables us to provide a rapid response to any immediate requirement the principal may be seeking. Being a member of the SIP International VIP Concierge Club eliminates the stress and anxiety that you may otherwise experience, if due to unforeseen circumstances you have to contact an Investigation or Security Agency at the last minute.

SIP services are extensive, they include but not limited to:

  • Sourcing a particular item, such as rare collectables, a unique gift, fine jewellery, luxury watches and exclusive artworks.
  • Provide in-depth background intelligence reports on individuals or entitles.
  • To undertake any sensitive cases, that may involve them being a target of extortion, or other threat. SIP with its intelligence gathering resources, in-house specialist teams of experienced investigators, cyber forensics, surveillance operatives etc. Guarantees a global fast professional service achieve objectives sought, no matter what the nature of the case may be. SIP maintains strictest confidence and takes all precautions to protect the client from any leak of information to the media.
  • 24/7 live online media intelligence monitoring, Geo-zoned to cover a radius of a location they are located, to identify any information going out on social media about their presence, or adverse publicity about them. SIP submits reports, within a very short timeframe, relating the blog or article that was published, with the personal identifiers the person that published it, to enable a rapid response by security or PR as may be required.
  • Provide additional Close Protection Operatives to support a principals current CP team, when travelling.
  • Undertake ‘Technical Surveillance Counter Measure’ (TSCM) of aircraft, mega yacht, hotels, villas etc when on vacation or travelling overseas on business, where sensitive conversations and meeting may take place.
  • Provide automated security drones, that can be launched at scheduled times, or instantly when required. These provide live aerial views of a principal’s estate and surrounding boundary, where conventional CCTV may not have the capability of covering. This is a technical security approach, that ensures an early alert of individuals within the grounds, or closing in on the estate, when not using the authorised access points, therefore a potential threat to the principal or your family member.
  • Arrange for priority charter of a jet or yacht, via SIP’s established global providers.
  • Online Reputation Management, involving a combination of removal of detrimental negative media and positive branding.
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