Surveillance Teams & Under Cover Operatives

Surveillance Teams

SIP has decades of experience in covert surveillance, having undertaken major complex global covert surveillance operations, involving drug dealing, extortion, corruption, theft of assets and industrial secrets and much more.

SIP surveillance teams have been carefully selected – a number of the operatives are former military, ex-government agency surveillance trained as well as those trained in-house.

For surveillance cases in remote locations, we have experienced licenced drone pilots. This can be valuable when it comes to capturing video evidence of an association with a third party or illicit activity.

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Undercover operatives

SIP has a select number of operatives who are skilled in undercover operations, that operate globally including in hostile environments. SIP client’s use these services, in case when there is suspicion of an, theft of stock, sabotage of equipment etc that is taking place within a client company, or where we need to infiltrate organised crime ring involving counterfeit products, or other groups of people to secure evidence for a particular civil litigation case.

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