Opensource Social & Business Media Research

At SIP, no matter what the nature of the case is our first approach is to undertake open source ‘Social and Business Media’ research. Therefore if you wish to be more knowledgeable about the background and current activities of a person, then this is an economic professional l service that SIP will provide for you!

WHY, because these reports, provide a valuable insight of the person’s online social and business behaviour, plus potentially additional information, such as unknown telephone numbers, email addresses they may use to try and disguise their online activity, their employment-business connections, detrimental information that has been published about them online, including criminal and civil proceedings that has been published in the public domain, aliases they may be using, close friends and relatives, and locations they have recently frequented with the date and time they were there, etc.

For this service, SIP uses a bespoke compliant cyber-intelligence investigative software, that extracts information about a person’s online activities. Which our analyst then review and all the relevant information is collated within a summary, as an easy reference to the information obtained.

With our expertise and professionalism, you know you are in safe hands with SIP, so contact us now!!

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