Mobile Network Cell Site Analysis

SIP Specialist has been conducting Cell Site Analysis (CSA) for a number of years and are expert witnesses in this field. CSA involves reconstructing the physical movements of a mobile telephone or telecommunication device and is widely used in criminal prosecution cases. The evidence produced is a powerful tool in attributing contact between individuals, proximity to a scene of crime, patterns of movement of suspects, and testing the strength of alibi evidence.

SIP equally conducts Cell Site Analysis in Defence cases, either to use as supportive evidence that a suspect or defendant was at another location and/or to challenge the evidence contained in the CSA report submitted by the prosecution’s expert witness. To this end SIP CSA reports have successfully demonstrated that the calculations in the prosecutions report have been inaccurate and or other information within it is misleading and cannot be relied upon.

SIP Cell Site Analysis involves trail drives and static measurements being carried out around a specific route that is applicable to the case; often the suspect’s home/business address, places frequented or across an entire postal-code area. The trail drives measure actual mast coverage (radio frequency propagation) utilising sophisticated radio signal data assessments for accurate positioning – confirmed via satellite triangulation – powerful expert analytical tools.

The information gathered from the trail drives is then incorporated into software to produce detailed coverage maps, where the ‘spheres of service’ and ‘field strength surveys’ for individual cell sites are illustrated in graphical form.

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