Internal Investigations

Most businesses today, whatever their size, have to address concerns around issues such as cybercrime or data breaches, fraud, IP theft, financial improprieties, bribery, corruption, counterfeiting or bullying in the workplace.

When an issue like this occurs, SIP offers a one-stop-solution to businesses of any size and their legal teams. We can help find the answers to questions not only, how did this happen or who was behind it. We procced to establish the evidence to support a criminal conviction and provide recommendation to prevent the same type of incident reoccurring in the future.

Using our specialist investigators, cyber and digital forensics and the latest investigative and analytic tools, we can quickly generate an investigative strategy to identify the cause of the problem. We then provide a comprehensive independent report of the salient facts that have been gathered in a lawful and ethical manner for evidential purposes. This can then be used to aid the recovery of losses and to mitigate risk, preventing a reoccurrence of similar activity in the future.

SIP is not new to internal investigations – we have been investigating these types of cases since we started in 1983. We are aware of the complexities involved and keep pace with ever-changing investigation techniques and developments in analytic technologies.

With our expertise and professionalism, you know you are in safe hands with SIP, so contact us now!!

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