Intellectual Property Investigations and Protection

IP theft is causing business worldwide to suffer substantial losses – some sources estimate that the annual cost of international IP theft in the United States alone exceeds $225 billion in counterfeit goods and could be as high as $600 billion. Globally these figures are likely to be far higher.

SIP has acted for many corporations and law firms worldwide to address issues relating to IP theft, albeit relating to copyright, trademarks, patents, trade secrets or simply brand protection. We specialise in locating large wholesalers and manufacturers of counterfeit goods and liaising with local authorities in the relevant country to conduct inspections against them.

We provide a bespoke service, as every case is unique, using the latest in technical investigation techniques, online cyber forensic intelligence gathering tools, etc.

All assignments are undertaken with integrity by experienced investigators, surveillance operatives, researchers to ensure that evidence is secured in an efficient and professional manner.

Our IP services include but are not limited to:

  • Counterfeiting and product piracy, trademarks, copyright, patent, design infringement
  • Grey market investigations & test purchasing
  • Identifying manufacturing locations
  • IP global due diligence
  • Liaison and overseeing searches of manufacturing plants, seizures and destruction of counterfeit products
  • Parallel trading awareness and prevention of international price discrimination

SIP online brand monitoring and brand awareness:

  • Trademark/copyright infringement alert services
  • Online brand protection service
  • Online trademark monitoring
  • Online reputation damage management, addressing negative reports of counterfeit products in circulation and other negative media if required

SIP IP Monitoring:

  • Internet monitoring and bespoke surveys
  • Market place monitoring
  • Trade fair and exhibition monitoring

With staff based in our offices in the UK, US and UAE, we can investigate cases worldwide, calling on our global network of operatives and information resources to support our team when required.

SIP has the advantage over its competitors with an in-house team of:

  • Specialist counterfeit and fraud investigators, that include former UK Police Fraud Detectives, FBI and other Governments Agency Investigators
  • 50 cyber and digital forensic specialists and data analyst experts for online research, monitoring and branding. We have our own bespoke cyber intelligence tools and for complex cases the ability to monitor and extract evidence from the dark web, which is frequently used for transactions by criminal organisations. When it comes to the search and seizure of computers and other data storage devices, our digital forensics recover on average 20% more data than our competitors as we use a combination of mainstream and non-mainstream forensic tools.
  • Experienced covert surveillance teams equipped with the latest camera and video technology to record illicit activities. All footage has the appropriate date and time stamp of each event so it can be used in a court of law.
  • Undercover specialists who can infiltrate counterfeit organisations to gather insider intelligence.
  • Developers who design bespoke covert tracking systems and camera/audio monitoring systems.
  • Forensic accountants for evaluating financial data from seized computers or data storage devices.

With our expertise and professionalism, you know you are in safe hands with SIP, so contact us now!!

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