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SIP Ensures a complete end to end coverage of all your corporate and industrial IT infrastructure. We secure your on-premise and remote endpoints, and build trusted networks and harden your data and business assets.

Our global enterprise security services provide a one stop solution, from enterprise security hardening to threat intelligence and forensics.

SIP will enhance your security posture with our ‘Enterprise’ enhancement methodology!

State of the art OEM partnerships and certified cyber security professionals help in the rapid quick assessment and deployment.

Migrate your legacy infrastructure on to our secure Ai driven ecosystems.

  • Build active intelligence
  • Secure Data at all levels
  • Implement zero trust policies
  • Harmonise your digital workspace

We help build your security strategies and deploy best in class solutions, secure your remote devices, encrypt your data transmission and orchestrate your cloud security components.

Stay ahead of the growing cyber threats. At SIP we will help you asses your risk. Deploy advanced threat detection tools, secure you END POINT’s, your Data storage, add layers to your AWS / AZURE cloud security. Harden your Email security, embedded email client components – detect fraud and fake mails. Identify Phishing and spamming.

Are your networks secure? Most network security is heavily dependent on Firewalls, yet over 85% of malware has the capability to get past the legacy security architecture.

SIP ‘Enterprise Security Offerings’:

  • Email Security – Best protection against your email borne threats. Ensure business continuity and protection against malware, spam, phishing. Artificial intelligence-based defence against spear phishing and fraud emails.
  • Web application Security – Protect our critical applications from most commonly exploited threat vectors. Protection against mobile, API compromise, data breach, DDOS and block malicious Bots and automated attacks.
  • Cloud Security – An integrated and interoperable cloud layered defence. Cloud hosted scanning and remediation. Augment your CI/CD workloads. Our virtual DevSecOps ensures security perspectives into you DevOps workloads.
  • Next Gen Antivirus Next Gen Antivirus – Protects against all kind of attacks, from commodity malware, to ransomware. Machine learning to threat detection. Behaviour based indicator of attack methodology, look beyond signatures. Exploit block stops a malware from moving further.
  • End Point Protection – Realtime monitoring of all Endpoint devices, laptops logged onto the enterprise network. Capture and log all activity, attain unparalleled visibility, breach protection device compromise of all your remote devices, monitors threat evolution.
  • Mobile Security – Secure your smartphones, tablets and wearables. Ensure safe devices and authorised access to the network. Enable regulatory compliances with a secure BYOD environment. State of the art MDM. (Mobile Device Management).
  • Network Security – Best protection against your email borne threats. Ensure business continuity and protection against malware, spam, phishing etc. Ai based defence against spear phishing and fraud emails.
  • SOC – Setup end to end SOC capabilities for large enterprises with mission critical systems monitoring, Deploy SIEM and SOAR solutions. Complete SOC stack with integrated and orchestrated security fabric.
  • Threat Intelligence – Activate real time threat feeds, through threat hunting engines of global repute. Stay ahead of the threat vectors, hardens your security posture and enables your SOC and security components to be effective for any attack.

With our expertise and professionalism, you know you are in safe hands with SIP, so contact us now!!

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