24/7 Live Online Monitoring -Global & Geo-Zone

No matter if you are am individual, business, political party etc “LIVE” compliant intelligence keeps you ahead of your objectives, albeit to track online intelligence or opinions of a competitors, providing your PR with immediate alert of any detrimental information publicised about you or your entity or key executives, provides public opinion and changings statistics, alerts your security of a potential threat so that they can rapidly respond etc.

SIP’s 24/7 online monitoring of the worldwide surface, deep and dark webs, can allows you to achieve the intelligence objectives you require. In addition, to avoid being inundated with irrelevant information, we can Geo-Zone the search to a Country, City or even 100 yards radius of a location, so that you only get targets information sought.

27/7 online monitoring, provides valuable information for multiple objectives, common case use include but not limited to:

  • Risk & Threat Assessment
  • Market Movement & Product Comparisons
  • Branding & Copyright Infringement
  • Counterfeit products online sales, identification of the offender or manufacturing locations.
  • Election Campaign Opinions
  • VIP Protection
  • Event & Venue Security
  • Crises Management
  • Negative Media about an individual, company or product etc
  • Legal Research – Witness or a Defendant’s online activity etc

For more information, provide us with the objectives you want to achieve, all information is kept in strict confidentiality. We will provide you with a proposal, with costing, so that you can secure prompt secure activity reports. That will vastly aid you in making the right informed executive decision, to address any risk situation or simply ensure the maximum growth of your company or protecting its image or products.

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