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Since 1983, SIP International has been a leading global provider of comprehensive investigative and security services. Our portfolio of services is designed to address complex cross-jurisdictional frauds, asset trace and recovery by breaking down the techniques and mechanisms used to conceal beneficial ownership, white-collar crimes, counterfeit product manufacturing and intellectual infringement, cybercrimes, cryptocurrency scams, ransomware demands and the recovery of stolen data. We also offer risk assessments, protective security services, technical surveillance countermeasures, open-source intelligence with 24-7 real-time monitoring, risk and threat assessments, cybersecurity, secure enterprise application development, and decentralised applications.

Backed by our global resources and technical capabilities, SIP is well-positioned to provide sophisticated solutions to our clients, helping them mitigate a myriad of potential threats. Our team comprises of highly specialised experts from the U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Service, UK Police, and government agency cybersecurity and forensic departments.



SIP is dedicated to exceeding your investigative and security expectations by providing superior services, critical insights, and strategic recommendations.

Our comprehensive intelligence reports are entirely compliant and delivered electronically, making crucial information easy to find. SIP reports give you a solid platform for making sound commercial or legal decisions that will increase your chances of success.

Global Investigation Services

  • Commercial & Private Client Investigations

    Since our establishment in 1983, SIP has successfully conducted over 50,000 estimated investigations worldwide, boasting an excellent success rate. We remain current with the latest integration technologies and utilise a compliant, unique, bespoke server cyber-intelligence investigative software platform that extracts data and documents from the surface and deep web. Additionally, our specialist team infiltrates dark web chat rooms when necessary to obtain sought-after evidence.

    At SIP, we pride ourselves on providing personalised attention and support to all our business and private clients. We treat every client with equal respect, demonstrating our commitment to delivering the best advice and a professional approach tailored to each case's specific circumstances. Our diverse clientele for complex investigations ranges from regular public members to high-profile celebrities, VIPs, HNW individuals, businesses of all sizes, banks, other financial institutions, and corporations

    SIP has the technical capabilities and specialised professional investigators, analytic researchers, computer/digital forensics, forensic accountants, and an established global network of local investigators, allowing us to conduct ground inquiries when necessary. Therefore, we offer a wide range of investigative options to assist our clients.

  • Asset Trace Investigations & Recovery

    SIP has specialised in tracing tangible and liquid assets since 1983 and has successfully traced over $1 billion in assets globally. We conduct comprehensive open-source research using a bespoke compliant cyber intelligence server that scours the global surface, deep, and dark web. Our unique dedicated server enables us to conduct database searches on over 420 international paid subscribers and public databases with a single input of the subject's identifiers. Our analytic researchers then evaluate the compliant data, regardless of language, to extract the most relevant information that may lead to the location of tangible assets such as property, vessels, aircraft, shares in businesses, or links to offshore entities where the subject may be the ultimate beneficial owner. We also investigate close family members or other persons who may hold assets on behalf of the subject through a POA or another appropriate instrument.

    At SIP, we excel at proving asset ownership, as we have extensive knowledge of cross-jurisdiction legislations and procedures to avoid the many pitfalls that law firms may encounter. We draft specific content for Court Orders and enforce them in other jurisdictions to secure disclosures from business entities, banks, other financial institutions, and more. Our objective is to ensure the best evidence possible to support asset recovery to fulfil a client's judgment.

  • Surveillance & Undercover Operations

    At SIP, we understand that effective surveillance requires highly skilled individuals with the experience and expertise to navigate unpredictable situations while remaining discreet. With over 40 years of experience specialising in surveillance, our teams work seamlessly together to ensure optimal results. We have dedicated surveillance teams in our UK and USA offices which are frequently assigned to support our global clientele.

    Surveillance is often necessary when evidence of an association between individuals or entities is required. In many instances in the business world, evidence is sought when an employee is suspected of selling confidential information or trade secrets to a competitor or when there are concerns about fraudulent sick leave claims. For insurance clients, surveillance is used to secure evidence of physical fitness when a person is claiming disability insurance or in family matters, where there is a need to ensure proof of infidelity or concerns for a child's welfare in custody matters and much more.

    SIP's undercover operatives engage in a wide range of assignments, including infiltrating political demonstrating organisations, organised crime gangs involved in the selling and manufacturing counterfeit products, religious cults, and even our clients' businesses to identify staff theft or other wrongdoing.

    At SIP, we understand that your surveillance needs are unique, and we are committed to delivering results that meet your specific requirements. You can trust that your surveillance needs will be handled by a skilled team with a proven track record of success

  • Law Firm Support Services

    SIP has provided comprehensive support services to legal firms since 1983, covering a broad range of complex investigative, forensic, and related services. Our team's expertise in dealing with global high-value frauds and asset tracing enables us to handle cases expeditiously and productively. We recognise the intricacies of cross-jurisdiction legislation and provide support to prevent potential pitfalls arising from the applications and enforcement of legal procedures.

    Our diverse team consists of criminal investigators, cyber forensic specialists with knowledge of blockchain applications and cryptocurrency transaction processes, digital forensics experts for e-discovery, forensic accountants, surveillance operatives, and open-source research analysts. We take pride in our research capabilities, enhanced by our unique bespoke server with cyber-intelligence investigative software that extracts data and documents from the surface, deep, and dark worldwide web while complying with the UK, European GDPR, and U.S. Data Protection legislation. Additionally, we have a dedicated server that can access over 420 global subscriber and public databases, including top AML sites and more.

    At SIP, we focus on providing exceptional intelligence gathering, vital analytics, and strategic recommendations to exceed your investigative expectations. Our investigative reports are fully compliant and presented electronically for easy navigation to salient information or relevant evidence in legal proceedings. SIP reports provide a sturdy foundation for legal proceedings, enhancing your chances of success.

  • VIP Concierge Service

    Due to increasing demand from high-net-worth individuals (HNW) requesting the sourcing of specific items or accessing specialist services, SIP now provides a unique service, which includes creating a client profile and a due-diligence search with risk assessment. Once this has been completed, the VIP has a host of extensive services available, including sourcing rare collectables, providing in-depth background intelligence reports, undertaking sensitive cases, 24/7 live online media intelligence monitoring, protective support teams when in transit, technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM), automated security drones, priority charter of a jet or yacht, surveillance and online reputation management.

    With SIP's established global providers, HNW individuals can eliminate the stress and anxiety of unforeseen circumstances and receive fast and professional service that achieves their unique, tailored, sought-after objectives.

Open-source Intelligence

  • Open-Source Global Intelligence

    Why utilise SIP International for Open-Source Intelligence? Due to our unique approach. Unlike our competitors, we do not rely on conventional online software tools. Instead, our in-house dedicated open-source server gathers information compliantly from the worldwide surface and deep webs. Our experienced researchers can also engage and infiltrate dark web chat rooms to extract vital evidence. In addition, we use a dedicated server that can access over 420 global subscribers and public databases.

  • 24/7 Online Live Monitoring

    At SIP, we understand the value of live intelligence to clients who must stay informed of changing circumstances critical to their business or legal proceedings. That's why we offer a 24/7 worldwide monitoring service that is fully compliant and keeps you informed about your objectives. If detrimental information about you, your entity, key executives, or products is publicised, you or your PR team can be immediately alerted for reputation damage control.

    Our monitoring system covers the worldwide surface, deep, and dark webs and can be geo-zoned to a country, city, or even a 100-yard radius of a location. This ensures that you only receive relevant information and helps streamline your objectives. Our 24/7 online monitoring service has a wide range of applications, including risk and threat assessment, market movement and product comparisons, branding and copyright infringement, identification of counterfeit products and their manufacturers, election campaign opinions, VIP protection, event and venue security, crises management, and legal research.

  • KYC Enhanced Due-Diligence

    In an increasingly global economy, financial institutions and businesses are more vulnerable to being innocently involved in illicit criminal activities. KYC is designed to help protect you against fraud, money laundering, corruption, terrorist financing and engaging with sanctioned countries. 

    Most financial institutions and corporations have internal software that addresses KYC. SIP's objective is to provide an additional layer to the intelligence you already have in place today. SIP aims to support you in having a successful compliance and risk management programme as the demands of meeting KYC obligations intensify as more stringent regulatory requirements come into force. SIP has a unique approach to open-source intelligence; unlike our competitors, we do not rely on conventional online software tools. Instead, our in-house dedicated open-source server gathers information compliantly from the worldwide surface and deep webs. In addition, when required, our experienced researchers can also engage and infiltrate dark web chat rooms to extract vital information; plus, we use a dedicated server that can access over 420 global subscribers and public databases.

    For clients with a lesser demand for KYC checks and prefer to avoid paying Monthly Subscriptions to an online platform. SIP is pleased to offer a pay-as-yougo option for a combined basic KYC-compliant database search for Flags relating to AML, PEP's Sanctions, and our enhanced layer of open-source intelligence

    At SIP, we focus on providing exceptional intelligence gathering, vital analytics, and strategic recommendations to exceed your investigative expectations. Our investigative reports are fully compliant and presented electronically for easy navigation to salient information so that you can make an informed decision. 

  • Online Reputation Management

    Our company offers comprehensive online reputation management services encompassing digital marketing, positive public relations solutions, and online brand value management. Our team of experienced professionals, including public relations experts, legal specialists, sales and marketing professionals, and technologists, possess the necessary expertise to analyse, allay, protect, and minimise the risk of a negative online brand reputation for individuals such as CEOs, world leaders, and celebrities, as well as firms such as small, medium, and large businesses, attorneys, and PR firms.

    SIP has specialised in fixing and building personal, business and brand online reputations by suppressing harmful content and promoting the positives, targeting areas of concern, and protecting you or your business from any future crisis.

    No matter what the language, SIP, with its dedicated open-source software, will search the world-wide-web to identify and review harmful content about you across social, electronic and print media, like posted blogs on websites, tweeter, social media, forums, industry-specific third-party listings & Glassdoor, Capterra, or Trustpilot etc., and finally review sites outside of your control like Google or Yelp etc.

    Once the negatives have been identified, subject to the nature of the content, SIP will take corrective actions to ensure a positive image over all media. SIP will help generate a positive image for individuals and businesses to control the reach of owned media platforms by improving your rankings on Google and following SEO best practices. This way, users will see valuable content relating to your business services or from your brand when they search for keywords related to your service or brand. Not only positive branding, but SIP also support targeted branding across the globe for business generation. Maintaining a good reputation is undoubtedly essential because it impacts sales, as published surveys in the U.S., the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world suggest that 60% would avoid using a service or buying from a brand that comes across as untrustworthy.

    With our expertise and professionalism, you can trust that your brand is in safe hands with SIP.

Security & Countermeasures

  • Risk & Threat Assessment

    SIP is a specialised risk assessment and security firm that goes above and beyond what our competitors offer. We are committed to providing pragmatic and implementable solutions to protect our clients' personal safety and business assets. Our team consists of former members of the U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Service, who have professionally engaged in specialist services daily, even at the Presidential level. With this wealth of experience, you can trust SIP to provide reliable intelligence and protection.

    Our experts possess exceptional credentials and extensive experience in identifying vulnerabilities in systems and mitigating potential threats to safeguard our clients from elevated risk exposures and fraudulent activities on the web.

    At SIP, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach is unsuitable for all clients. Therefore, we offer tailored recommendations that are feasible and sustainable long-term based on the realistic context of a client's requirements. Our approach to security is to develop a management strategy that ensures the best possible service is provided while controlling overall costs without compromising the safety of our clients.

  • Protective Security Services

    SIP is a highly skilled provider of personal protection services, prioritising the safety and security of our clients while maintaining their desired lifestyles. We understand that high-profile individuals, such as executives and celebrities, face significant commercial and personal threats that require sophisticated security measures. To meet these demands, we provide executive protection specialists with exceptional credentials, including former U.S. Secret Service and Department of State Diplomatic Security Service personnel.

    Our professionals are trained in strategic and tactical circumstances, as well as in extreme, intense, and acute situations that require maintaining a low profile while protecting clients. This expertise allows us to provide comprehensive protection for clients in various settings, including their homes, business engagements, yachts at sea, or during international travel.

    Our global network enables us to provide indispensable advance security services, including pre-trip advisories, ground transportation, and in-country personnel support. At SIP, we prioritise client satisfaction and aim to deliver the highest level of protection without impeding their desired lifestyles.

  • Port & Maritime Security Services

    We offer a comprehensive range of port and maritime security solutions delivered by a team of former Naval Special Warfare (SEAL's) personnel with extensive affiliations with national and international law enforcement, military, and private security firms.

    As the threat of terrorism and smuggling increases, our specialist underwater teams cover the three basic underwater port security response scenarios for commercial ports: pier sweeps, hull sweeps, and response to accidents. Utilising a combination of technologies, open/closed circuit divers, and cameras, we Contact US Contact US develop and support all necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of port and maritime operations. Our services include Search & Rescue Operations, Diving Operations, Marine Surveillance, Vessel Guidance, Marine Incident / Accident Response, VIP & Private Security, and Port & Facility Security.

    Our first approach is to conduct a comprehensive security survey, identifying the port's regime and vulnerabilities while considering all foreseeable security threats to the port's operations. We take a proactive approach by gathering various forms of intelligence information, promoting awareness within the port community, conducting training, practising preparedness, exercising security plans, and coordinating with law enforcement agencies and the security departments of the maritime industry companies.

    Our teams have completed education through the world's leading Maritime schools, remaining certified as Port Facility Security Officers, Shipboard Security Officers, and Maritime Security Officers, all of whom are also certified in advanced underwater search and detection.

    With our expertise and professionalism, you can trust that you are in safe hands when you employ SIP. As we prioritise our clients' safety and security, we deliver effective solutions that address all foreseeable risks and threats to port and maritime operations.

  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

    SIP is a highly experienced Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) service provider, utilising a unique dual perspective approach to assignments. Our team of specialists view the task at hand through both the eyes of a technician and a potential perpetrator, enabling us to identify illicit devices and anticipate the latest monitoring technology that may be employed in an attack.

    Since 1983, SIP has been the preferred TSCM service provider for a diverse range of global clients, including financial institutions, corporations, celebrities, high-net-worth individuals, government departments, and embassies. Our head of the TSCM Department is renowned for training government agencies in TSCM sweeps; he is one of a select few individuals worldwide authorised to perform TSCM on commercial aircraft.

    At SIP, we take pride in being a leading TSCM service provider. We use the latest state-of-the-art detection equipment to safeguard residential or office buildings, vehicles, corporate aircraft, mega-yachts, and more from illicit monitoring devices. We also offer comprehensive training programs for TSCM equipment and procedures, including specialised search disciplines for maritime and aviation applications, equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills to detect and locate eavesdropping devices effectively.

    With SIP, you can trust our expertise, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to your safety. Our team is dedicated to delivering effective TSCM solutions that provide peace of mind for our clients.

  • Crisis Response

    In today's fast-paced business environment, individuals and organisations are at constant risk of online and offline threats, demanding quick decision-making to address malicious activities. Such situations raise questions about the severity of the threat, the identity of the perpetrator, the potential consequences of inaction, and the effectiveness of engaging law enforcement. Moreover, confidentiality is paramount, and identity disclosure to the press must be avoided at all costs. At SIP, we offer a comprehensive solution to such crises, ensuring confidentiality, minimising the risk of exposure, and guiding individuals and organisations through the process to a satisfactory outcome.

    Our capabilities are unmatched; we have advanced bespoke cyber intelligence gathering software tools and access to over 420 global subscriber and public databases. We can promptly address any scenario, including but not limited to extortion by threatening to expose personal or business information, ransomware attacks, kidnapping and hostage demands, cyber extortion, terrorism threats, hijacking of transported goods, hijacking of ships and aircraft, stolen stock or other valuable items, and investigation of fraud or cryptocurrency transactions.

    With SIP, individuals and businesses can rest assured of receiving professional and expert support. We offer timely and effective solutions to any crisis scenario, ensuring the safety and security of our clients.

Cybersecurity & Forensics

  • Cyber Security & Threat Intelligence

    At SIP, our approach to cyber and data security is proactive. We believe in ensuring comprehensive posture, assimilating devices, services and processes. Cyber resilience is not an option that we advise; it is absolutely essential.

    At SIP, we can equip your enterprise with appropriate and relevant skills and products to ensure complete data and application protection, whether on-premise or on the cloud.

    SIP International works with some of the leading edge service providers in the threat intelligence area, with active defence and offence capabilities:

    • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
    • Cyber resiliency statement
    • Cyber defence solutions ( EDR, MDR, XDR )
    • Cyber threat intelligence (Real-time anomaly behavioural analysis )
    • Multi-factor authentication and encryption for Data-at-rest solutions
  • Secure Enterprise Applications

    With the technology ecosystem developing rapidly, the cloud deployment of applications is imminent in conjunction with on-premises infrastructure. At SIP International, our tech teams enable enterprises to migrate into SaaS, IaaS and PaaS environments on state-of-the-art platforms.

    We help our customers in augmenting their business workflows with improved intelligence and predictive analytics. SIP helps improve legacy infrastructure, data restructuring and labelling to invoke Artificial Intelligence.

    1. Cloud-ready applications
    2. Artificial Intelligence augmentation
    3. Analytics and insights
    4. Multi-application integration
    5. Third-party API integration
    6. Microservices architecture
    7. Application security with Web application firewall and cloud DevOps support
    8. Database optimisation and Data mining
  • Decentralised Applications

    The future is here. The global collaborative functional environment is ever more vibrant. This ensures greater efficiency and better utilisation of resources and talent. However, this also brings a greater risk of breaches, with doubtful identities and clandestine intentions.

    User accountability and authenticity can only be ensured through the blockchain network. The vision of Genesis technology is achievable, robust and practical. 

    We at SIP International focus on data safety and individual privacy; therefore, harnessing the decentralisation methodology is a natural phenomenon.

    1. Decentralised functions through blockchain
    2. Enable Smart contracts
    3. Integrate with Payment gateways
  • Digital Forensics & E-Discovery

    In today's business landscape, technology plays an increasingly critical role in communications and storage of information. This digital data has become a fundamental source of information for detecting security breaches or gathering evidence to support both civil and criminal proceedings. However, it is important to note the significant differences between Digital Forensics and E-Discovery in capturing data during forensics.

    Before any forensic analysis, SIP engages with the client to establish the case's circumstances, including a timeline of events, technical specifications, and identifiers relating to the device where the data is stored. Digital forensics involves a more in-depth analysis of the data, with the digital forensic specialist examining the data can be for many reasons, such as identifying spyware or other software that caused a security breach, locating hidden files, recovering deleted data, and determining if a user has used hard drive wiping software to conceal any wrongdoing, this is just to name a few.

    On the other hand, E-Discovery can still involve examining a device, server, and other active data that may be readily available through file storage and program managers. Although in this case, the process concerning the data is threefold, identification, collecting, and preservation of the data. SIP forensic investigative specialists analyse the data to identify any wrongdoing or other activity applicable to the objective sought and then compile a comprehensive report to be presented as evidence in civil or criminal proceedings.

    Regardless of the method used for data collection, SIP ensures that the data's integrity is maintained. Our specialists follow strict compliant protocols to ensure the data remains protected, transferring the data from the original source through imaging to ensure no changes have been made to the original files.

  • Ransomware Demand & Data Recovery

    At SIP, we are proud to offer a team of highly trained experts specialising in cutting-edge data recovery solutions, digital forensic analysis, cryptography, and ransomware recovery. Our experienced cyber security specialists are dedicated to providing quick, efficient, and cost-effective data recovery services with minimal interruption. We are committed to ensuring total data integrity throughout the entire recovery process.

    If you have fallen victim to a ransom attack, SIP is here to help. Our team of decryption experts will guide you through our detailed engineering process to recover your data and get your business back up and running. We will provide a detailed presentation and quotation for our diagnostics process and recovery services, as well as personalised security measures to enhance the security of your systems and data.

    In addition to our data recovery services, SIP offers a comprehensive investigation service designed to identify the parties responsible for the attack. Our investigation approach is informed by the intelligence gathered during the analysis of the infiltration method, as well as any other information discovered during the forensic recovery process. We also consider the approach taken by the perpetrators when making their financial demands. At SIP, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of expertise and support throughout every stage of the recovery and investigation process.

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