Vistualisation Services

Manage your cloud CI/CD integrations, data, and cloud microservices and across your delivery pipelines with greater efficiency, better logging and alert generation. SIP cloud services will help mitigate legacy applications for your digital transformation. We help you frame your architecture, scale your workloads for cloud, with server and storage virtualisation.

  • End-to-end visualisation of cloud assets and network topology
  • Real-time rectification of misconfigurations
  • Access provisioning to network ports on a time-limited basis according to client requirements, ensuring closed-by-default posture
  • Detecting security risks and threats through quick analysis of the network attack surface
  • Advanced identity and access management (AIM) protection against both internal and external threats
  • Round-the-clock tracking an automatic reversion of an authorised changes, ensuring world-class security standards
  • Security assessment and risk tolerance to evaluate our client’s security needs and develop a strong road map and architecture that supports their cloud ambitions
  • Access management through robust processes and technologies that streamline access to the Cloud
  • Application and infrastructure security services that enable design, development, and implementation of secure cloud applications
  • Cloud data protection and active defence mechanism
  • We provide 24/7 security monitoring and IR services using cloud native solutions.

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