Surveillance Teams & Undercover Agents

The most important factor with any surveillance is to have the a team of surveillance operatives that have the experience and knowledge to deal with an unpredictable manoeuvre that the subject may make, in order to avoid a loss and yet remain discreet. SIP operatives do not engage in any other PI activities, they specialise in surveillance which they undertake on a daily basis. They are able to work alone, but more important work impeccably as a team. As they can all pre-empt the other operatives actions, thus the surveillance runs in a fluent and discreet manner. We have surveillance operatives that operate out of our UK and USA offices. Although due to their expertise and the positive results we achieve, they are assigned frequently on a covert surveillance operation throughout Europe as well as other Countries globally.

A couple of examples as a demonstration of our capabilities were we went undetected over a long term surveillance:

• Our client was a high profile business person, who despite being the CEO and major shareholder of a global corporation. Due to taxation jurisdictions and the support he was providing to a political party, he was being unfairly attacked by some members of the press. There was one journalist reporter that was alleged to be making false allegations and he was also in the process of writing a book, based on our clients business and personal life. SIP was directed to undertake surveillance on this reporter which covered 20 hours a day, and was continuous daily for a 10 month period. During the time frame, we secured the identification of all the individuals he met with, business premises he frequented, details of his social behavour etc. Our comprehensive reports weekly reports, were supported by still images, video and when possible audio when he had conversations in public locations. Ultimately we even secured information on the content of on some of the chapters he was intending to publish. Our evidence was submitted to the High Court, to support our client’s application for an injunction to restrain the proposed content which contain false allegations from being published. Our client was successful in securing the Order and the offending content was removed from the final publication.

• A domestic case for a HNW individual, our client was only informed by his wife was leaving London for a few days to visit and stay with a friend in Devon. The SIP team with just the description and residential mounted a surveillance, expecting her the either drive to Devon
or get a taxi to a train station, Neither happened, with her luggage she drove to another London location where she met with a male. Within minutes her luggage and his was put into a taxi and they drove to Heathrow Airport. Our operatives prepared for any situation always have their passports available. A quick call to the client, soon confirmed that they were to be followed no matter where they went. Once the subject’s destination was revealed when they checked-in their luggage, our operatives were on the Flight with them to Paris. On the second day in Paris, they went to an airline ticket office, a few moments after they left, an operative went in went to the same ticket-sales representative, he explained he had lost his phone and he had been due to meet two friends as he was supposed to book the same flight as them. He was told they had just left, so he asked that they book a return ticket for him, on the same flight. Flight details know known, the operatives were on a flight with them to Rio de Janeiro,
Brazil. During the seven-days that followed we had secured all the evidence needed. Plus we established through local resources that he was a Brazilian Diplomat and secured other information about him, with supportive documents which was later submitted as evidence.

We also have undercover operatives, where assignments have included infiltrating political demonstrating organisations, organised crime gangs relating to the selling and manufacturing of counterfeit products, religious cults. As well as, of course working at a client’s business premises and
befriending other employees to secure evidence of theft.

These examples, should give you the confidence to know that any surveillance you assign SIP with, you will have a good team of surveillance operatives to achieve the objectives.

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