SIP Investigative Case Studies

SIP has been established since 1983 and the number of cases that we have investigated is estimated to be in excess of 50,000.

Even if we concentrated on the biggest investigations, it would still be and practical to include them all in this summary. Therefore, in this instance we have selected a just a few cases, that we have undertaken as a general guide of our capabilities.

Case # 1

A major investigation and intelligence operation in relation to ‘Raider Attacks’ which resulted in the misappropriation of the client’s shares in a Moldavian Bank. The SIP Investigation led to the identification of the perpetrators, intelligence relating to the complex infrastructure of offshore entities, evidence of falsified documentation and the names of corrupt government officials associated with the crime. The SIP investigation was a major factor, in the client succeeding in the recovery of their shares and millions of euros.

Case # 2

A case of extortion demands for US $100 million, based on the treat to publicly disclose information of the client’s private life. True or false, if the information went public it could damage to the client’s reputation. The client wanted nothing of the extortion to leaked to the social media, so preferred not to go to the police and sought the services of SIP. as a result of cyber forensics, complex intelligence gathering and the covert surveillance operation, three racketeers were identified. Having gathered sufficient evidence against them to secure a conviction and the potential long long-term prison sentence. SIP worked with an international law firm to formulate a legal strategy to follow, this included a settlement agreement, where the three extortionists would be gauged and prohibited to disclose information, gave their consent to allow access to their residence and office for the search and seizure of all material relating to the client and the transfer to SIP of all electronic data storage devices, including but not limited to mobile phones, computers, etc. SIP now fully prepared organised private dawn raids on the private residences of all three parties simultaneously. Each of the extortionists was given the option, either cooperate with us or our investigation file will be handed over to the Police. As a result of the surprise that they had been located and their fear of prosecution they hastily signed settlement agreement and was paid a nominal € 1,000 contractual sum. Following the seizure SIP continue to undertake forensics of all the seized data storage devices giving the client long-term protection against a repeated threat.

Case # 3

An investigation into a UK property development company targeting the Middle East, where clients suffered substantial financial losses because of the company’s fraudulent claims of property ownership. Extensive investigations identified that the company’s mastermind was also formerly the mastermind of an earlier £300 million property scam. We showed that the client’s funds were fraudulently transferred through entities in the UK and offshore tax havens.

Case # 4

SIP was instructed in a matrimonial high net worth financial settlement case. Where the husband, had concealed assets globally through the granting of power of the attorney to a associate and the multiple network of crossed-jurisdiction offshore entities. This in- depth asset phrase involved complex investigation, cyber intelligence, forensic accountancy, and the surveillance operation over several months. The offer was justified having linked him as a beneficial owner of accounts and assets in excess of £80 million, as a result the client succeeded in securing a judgment of £ 20 million. Plus, the UK matrimonial home, and substantial other financial benefits such as substantial legal costs, maintenance, and interest on the judgment some until paid. The solicitor and the head of chambers, that represented the client, wrote “without SIP’s report and expertise that utilized the result, which was obtained, would not have been achieved.”

Case # 5

An international investment fraud scam where a client suffered losses of over $500,000. Collectively, the scammers defrauded hundreds of millions from innocent people. Following cyber investigations at undercover operations, the fraudsters were located in Dubai. SIP Liaised with the Dubai Police and sets up a pretext meeting with the fraudsters that resulted in the arrest of a number of Nigerians by the Dubai Police.

Case # 6

A UK solicitor sought the assistance of SIP, in securing evidence for the defense of their client. The clients, the owner of a bonded warehouse and had been charged in relation to the illegal importation of in excess of 20 kilos of cocaine and other contraband. SIP Reviewed and evaluated the evidence with the solicitor, then cross reference this with the client’s statements and his subsequent comments relating to his activities. As a result, it is clearly identified a number of avenues that warranted further extensive investigations. This included detailed the analysis of mobile phone call logs, subsequent mobile network cell site forensic analyse to support the client was not at a location that he was alleged to be, reconstruction of alleged events leading up to and at the time of the raids on the bonded warehouse, time route runs, tracing independent witnesses, securing statements etc. Following our investigator giving evidence in the Courts and other fat defense  documents, the evidence secured by SIP assisted in the Court finding the client ‘not guilty’.

Case # 7

A case of extortion demand for US $20 million, based on treat to publicly disclose information of the client’s private life. the client is a high-net-worth person also did not want to go to the police, in fear that the case would be leaked to the media. in this instance there was one suspect who was thought to be behind the extortion, our objective was to secure evidence against this person and established if they were working alone or had an accomplice? As a result of cyber forensics and a covert surveillance operation, we gathered sufficient evidence to confirm that the suspect was behind the extortion, but it was her accomplice, who was her husband that was the instigator of the extortion. As with the earlier ‘Case2’ SIP worked with a client law firm prepared a settlement agreement, where they would be gauged and prohibited to disclose information, consent to allow access to their residents and their seizure of all material relating to the client and the transfer to SIP of all electronic data storage devices, including but not limited to mobile phones, computers, cameras etc. Following the seizure SIP continued to undertake forensics of all the seized data storage device is giving the client long-term protection against a repeated threat.

Case # 8

The well-known case of Foutanga Dit Babani Sissoko who defrauded the Dubai Islamic Bank of over US$240 M. representing a bank, the investigation resulted in SIP tracing USD Millions in various bank accounts that we linked him with, assets purchased from the proceeds of the fraud worldwide including private aircraft, property, and other valuable assets.


These are but a few examples to demonstrate SIP’s capabilities and expertise in global investigations. No matter what the nature of their investigation is, you will be in good hands in achieving your objective, so contact us now!

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