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SIP is one of the world leaders in investigation – from basic due-diligence to complex cross-jurisdiction criminal & high value civil cases, international intelligence and covert surveillance operations. SIP has the expertise having specialised in these fields since 1983, it has the network and the skill to resolve your global investigation needs.

For decades we have undertaken a wide range of global investigations, many of them very complex and requiring a full team of highly experienced investigators, computer forensic specialists, cyber analysts, digital forensic experts, forensic accountants and surveillance teams.

SIP is renowned for achieving our client’s objectives, relating to fraud, white-collar crime, extortion, product piracy, global asset trace and recovery and much more besides.

Here is just a brief outline of some of the cases we have resolved, so you can truly understand the range of services we offer:

A major investigation and intelligence operation concerning raider attacks resulting in the misappropriation of shares in the Moldavian Bank. The investigation led to the identification of the perpetrators, intelligence of a complex infrastructure of offshore entities, falsified documentation and the identities of corrupt officials associated with the crime. As a result, the client recovered their shares and millions of Euros which they did not expect to secure.

  • Investigation into a UK property development company targeting the Middle East. Buyers suffered substantial financial losses because of the company’s fraudulent claims to ownership of property developments being sold by them. Extensive investigations identified that the company’s mastermind had also been the mastermind of an earlier £300 million property scam. We also demonstrated that the client’s funds were fraudulently transferred through entities in the UK and offshore tax havens and identified other genuine property assets to recover losses.
  • Two cases of extortion involving £100m and €20m respectively. The clients did not go to the police as they wanted nothing leaked to the media. SIP identified the racketeers using cyber forensics, intelligence gathering and subsequent surveillance. Having gathered sufficient evidence against them to secure a conviction and long-term prison sentence, SIP organised private dawn raids where the extortionist hastily signed prepared NDA agreements for a nominal €1,000 contractual sum, and their computers, mobiles and other material were seized.
  • A client suffered losses of over $500,000 in an international investment fraud scam. Collectively, the scammers had defrauded hundreds of millions from innocent people. Using cyber investigations and undercover operations, SIP located the fraudsters in Dubai. SIP liaised with the Dubai Police and set up a meeting with the fraudsters that resulted in the arrest of a number of Nigerians by the Dubai Police.
  • SIP investigated Foutanga Dit Babani Sissoko after he defrauded the Dubai Islamic Bank of over US $240m. Investigations resulted in the tracing of funds in various bank accounts, aircraft and other valuable assets worldwide that had been secured from the proceeds of the fraud.
  • Many cases involving individuals who have not disclosed their true wealth in litigation proceedings. SIP investigations have identified assets ranging from £20 million to £100’s of million, concealed by the granting of Power of Attorneys and a network of offshore entities.

SIP has the advantage over its competitors with an in-house team including but not limited to:

  • Specialist investigators in fraud, extortion, IP infringement, including former UK Police Detectives, FBI and other Government Departments.
  • 50 cyber and digital forensic specialists and data analyst experts for online research, monitoring, branding and much more. We have our own bespoke cyber intelligence tools and for complex cases the ability to monitor and extract evidence from the dark web, which is frequently used for transactions by criminal organisations. When it comes to computers and other data storage devices our digital forensics experts recover on average 20% more data than our competitors as we use a combination of mainstream and non-mainstream forensic tools.
  • Experienced covert surveillance teams equipped with the latest camera and video technology to record the activities of a subject. All recorded footage has the appropriate date and time stamp of each event so it can be used in a court of law.
  • Undercover specialists used criminal activity within a business or organisation.
  • Developers who can design and build bespoke covert tracking systems and camera/audio monitoring systems.
  • Forensic accountants for evaluating financial data to secure evidence of illicit transactions.
  • Legal support teams for cross-jurisdiction disclosure and asset recovery, private criminal prosecutions for money laundering and other cases, where the benefits in the long term can be more advantageous to the client than a Police-CPS or State Prosecution.

With our expertise and professionalism, you know you are in safe hands with SIP, so contact us now!!

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