Search and Seizures

Search and seizures orders are used by courts to obtain and preserve evidence or property which may be the subject of court action. There are very strict rules on the service and execution of such an order, and SIP is highly experienced in this field.

It is highly recommended that 24 hours before obtaining a search and seizure order, SIP undertakes discreet surveillance, particularly where a search order is being sought against a number of parties in different locations. This reconnaissance will identify if third parties are at a location where they are expected to be at the time of service.

This also covers the event where the Respondent or other parties remove items from a premise because they suspect an order may be sought. If this happens, our team follows the parties to establish where items have been relocated, so that any additional addresses can be added to the order.

When an order is granted, an independent solicitor or another qualified person will be appointed by the court to act as ‘supervising officer’. This appointee is to serve the order, explain its terms and effect to the respondent and then supervise its execution.

SIP CEO Kenneth Lodge has been appointed by the UK High Court as a ‘supervising officer’ due to his expertise in engaging in search and seizure orders.

With his thorough understanding of what is required, Kenneth will ensure any search is carried out thoroughly, a list is produced detailing every item seized and will check the list before removal. Documents seized are copied and returned to the respondent or their solicitors within two days, unless otherwise directed by the court. On conclusion he will prepare a report of the execution to be delivered to the court before the next hearing.

The majority of search and seizures involve computers and other digital storage devices. SIP’s in-house forensic specialists have a great deal of experience and are very familiar with the protocols that have to be followed when imaging drives etc, thus ensuring that evidence secured is fully compliant in a court of law.

Our forensic specialists have given evidence in over 2,000 cases and due to the forensic techniques adopted, usually secures on average 20% more data than other specialists in this field. This additional data can often make the difference between losing and winning a case, as a result of SIP identifying evidence that may not otherwise have been discovered.

With our expertise and professionalism, you know you are in safe hands with SIP, so contact us now!!

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