SIP concentrates on developing a pragmatic, implementable and exclusively design risk assessment for our clients, to protect either their personal safety or their businesses’ assets and interests. Our specialists’ credentials are excellent as they come, as we help determine your system’s vulnerabilities and mitigate possible threats to highly protect your organization from elevated risk exposures and fraudulent groups on the web. The previous employers of the SIP team include the US Secret Service, US Department of State Diplomatic Security Service, UK Law Enforcement and various Government Cybersecurity and Forensics Departments. This proves SIP’s trusted capabilities in providing a leading global service, with meticulous assessment, with a wide range of variables predicated on an analysis of threats and risks. One of the most important criteria for SIP is to provide recommendations that we know are feasible and sustainable long-term, based in realistic context of a client’s requirements. The approach we adopt in security is to develop a manageable strategy that will ensure the best possible service is provided while overall costs are controlled, without jeopardizing the company’s safety.

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