Ransomware Demand Investigations & Data Recovery

Ransomware is an attack by cybercriminals using malicious software that seeks to take control of the infected computer and extract data hosted on a server. These cybercriminals then threaten and demand an amount for ransom in exchange of the data they secured on an organization’s system. Ransom attack cases are multiplying every day and multiple sectors have been affected and been a victim at present.

Studies show that the average ransom collected by threat actors in 2021 is in the region of 228,000 US Dollars, up 43% from previous year. Some ransomware variants like RYUK demand on average 288.000 US Dollars. In addition Ransomware server downtime costs surpass 64.000 US Dollars according to studies by the FBI.

FBI reports suggests that ransom payments are totalling in excess of 1.0 Billion US Dollars annually. The British media notes that “Cyber security experts say such deals are taking place around the world, sometimes for even larger sums, which contravenes advice from security organizations such as the FBI, Europol or the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre.”

The UK’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) has noted a sharp increase of ransomware attacks, this includes victims hit by repeat attacks shortly after paying a ransom. This poses a clear threat to organizations, institutions, and the insurance industry, alike.

SIP has a team specializing in data recovery solutions, Digital Forensic Analysis, Cryptography, and Ransomware Recovery. Our dedicated and highly trained cyber security team members, recover data quickly and cost effectively with minimal interruption.

SIP guarantee total Data Integrity after our recovery process is finalized. So, If you are a target of a ‘Ransom Attack’, contact us and we will guide you through our detailed engineering process to recover your data and get you back in business. Then, once our decryption expert team receives the required information relating to your case. We will provide you with a presentation and quotation for the diagnostics process and the recovery service.

SIP assigned consultants will permanently contact you to give you a full report of the data recovery process and results. Additionally, we will provide personalized security measures for the future to improve the security of your systems and data.

In addition to the recovery of data, SIP also others an investigation service to identify the parties behind the attack. The investigation approach is subject to what intelligence is gathered from the analysis of the method adopted to infiltrate the computer, as well as other information that may be discovered at the time.

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