Private Client Investigations

With all our private clients, we pride ourselves on the personal attention and support that we provide. As we treat all clients equal respect and ensure that they benefit from the best advice when it comes to addressing the circumstances of their case and the manner in which an investigation should be professionally approached. Our private clients range from a normal members of the public, celebrities, VIP’s and HNW individuals.

No matter how small or large the case is we have the capability to assist you with any legal investigative or security requirements. As we have been established since 1983, we have dealt with 10’s of thousands of private client case, the scope of coverage of the services undertaken for them is vast, to name a few:

• Tracing the new address or contact details of a family member, old friend, beneficiary of a will, debtor etc

• Background checks and in-depth Due-diligence on persons they are proposing in having a personal relationship or business partnership, pre-martial checks by parents to ensure that their child will be is a stable and financially supportive relationship, pre-litigation checks to make sure a proposed defendant has adequate assets that could be frozen to satisfy a settlement of any claim they may have, as well as many other reasons.

• Surveillance provides real-time information on a person’s activities, their social behaviour, who they are meeting insofar as the personal and business connections, places they are frequenting etc. The intelligence gained from a surveillance allows you to make an informed decision, no matter what your objectives are.

• Investigations, the list of the type of investigations we undertake is endless, so not matter what investigation you require, we have the capability to assist you with it. In reality a successful investigation is as a result of a combination of having a specialist team and vast information resources. At SIP we have both, our specialist include very experienced and Professional Investigators aware of the complexity of criminal, civil and accident
investigations, Analytic Researchers who are extremely well trained in the using cyber intelligence software tools, accessing global databases and reviewing all data extracted to ensure that all relevant information to the investigation, has been extracted and madeavailable to the investigating team, Computer/Digital Forensics to examine devices that are in the client’s possession and/or that have been seized as a result of an order made by a court, Forensic Accountant to examine any accounts secured that may contain evidence of a wrong doing, Surveillance Operative to secure evidence of a person’s real-time activates and a network of local investigators to make enquires at a location. Of course not all investigation require every team member every time, but we have them there as and when applicable. With regard to global information sources, this is where we also exceed many of our competitors. SIP use a bespoke server, with compliant cyber-intelligence investigative software. This extracts data and documents from not only the surface web, but also the deep and dark webs. In addition we use a specially developed server, which with one search using known identifiers relating to a person or entity, in turn accesses over 420 global subscriber and public databases.

• Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, when suspicions of a third-party having placed illicit listening or other monitoring devices in their property.

• Computer & Phone Forensics, to establish if there is ‘spyware’ installed on a device, or to recover deleted documents and history of online activity for evidence purpose, to prove an action by you and/or by a third-party who has been using their computer.

We are here to provide you with the professional service you deserve, all information you share with us is kept strictly confidential, so why not call us or email us now!

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