Port & Maritime Security Services

SIP utilizes former Naval Special Warfare (SEAL’s) personnel for any port and maritime security demands. SIP has a wealth of experience ensuring we can provide a bespoke service to address and successfully direct and control any dynamic situations in complex environments globally.
SIP offers effective and comprehensive solutions for port and maritime security, as with its combined expertise it can ensure that there is a strong relationship local law enforcement, military and private security firms as may be applicable.

With the threat of terrorist attacks and smuggling opportunities, SIP specialist underwater teams, cover the three basic underwater port security response scenarios for a commercial port:
• Pier sweeps
• Hull sweeps
• Response to accidents

Utilizing a combination technology, with the ability to deploy open/closed circuit divers, cameras, allow our specialist, the capability of planning and supporting all threats against port and maritime operations. Thereby assuring security on the port and below port operations on a 24/7 basis.
SIP is also able to provide other services including but not limited to Search & Rescue Operations, Diving Operations, Marine Surveillance, Vessel Guidance, Marine Incident / Accident Response, VIP & Private Security in addition to the Port & Facility Security.
Our first approach is to undertake a comprehensive security survey to identify the ports regime and vulnerabilities, taking in account the magnitude of all foreseeable security threats to the port’s operations.
SIP security operations do not just prepare for a reactive response to a threat or incident. It believes in taking a positive proactive approach by conducting various forms of intelligence information gathering, promoting awareness within the port community, conduct training, practice preparedness, exercise security plans and investigative coordination with law enforcement agencies, as well as the security departments of the maritime industry companies, utilizing a ports facility.

SIP teams have completed education through the world’s leading Maritime schools, and remain certified as Port Facility Security Officers, Shipboard Security officer, Maritime security officers, and certified in advanced underwater search and detection.


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