Dec 2019 – SIP expands and moves to larger offices in Dubai

SIP International can now meet the needs of all UAE companies following its move to larger premises in Dubai, located at The Exchange Tower, Business Bay.
This move from the Dubai International Financial Centre free-zone, where SIP has been located since 2014, is prompted by an increase in requests for services from UAE mainland companies, from whom SIP could not accept instructions if it remained within a free-zone.
SIP would like to thank the DIFC for its support over the years and now welcomes the opportunity to offer its services to all companies in the UAE, so they can benefit from SIP’s worldwide specialist services and resources.

Feb 2020 – SIP opens new London office to welcome more UK and Europe clients

SIP international is pleased to incorporate SIP International Investigations & Forensics Ltd, with a client facing office at The Shard, London Bridge Street, London, SE1. This is in addition to a secure operational office in London and a forensic unit in the Midlands.
In addition to its UK investigators and forensics team who are specialists in fraud, SIP has an experienced team of covert surveillance operatives.
As a demonstration of SIP’s covert ability, one assignment involved following a subject over a continuous period of 10 months. He never became aware that he was under surveillance and the team gained important intelligence throughout the assignment.
If you’d like to talk to us about a fraud investigation, surveillance work or anything else related to security and investigations, please get in touch.

May 2020 – SIP expands operations in USA

SIP secures a firmer presence in the US as it incorporates ‘SIP International Investigations & Security LLC’ in Florida, with a licence for another office in New York.
SIP has worked in the US since it was established in 1983 and over recent years its US client base has expanded substantially. This new investment in the US will enable SIP to maintain the professional services its clients expect.
In addition to investigations, surveillance and security services, the US company has the support of two specialist divisions; ‘SIP International Cybersecurity & Forensics’ which itself has an in-house team of over 50 specialists and ‘Technical Surveillance Counter Measures’ (TSCM) which undertakes electronic bug sweeps worldwide.
“This expansion in Miami and New York gives us greater coverage across the US, with our own manpower, and we are looking to open other offices in other states in the near future,” said CEO Kenneth Lodge.

June 2020 – SIP expands its Cybersecurity & Forensic Services

Due to the substantial expansion of SIP’s Cybersecurity & Forensic Division over the last five years, SIP International has incorporated it as a company in its own right.

SIP International Cyber Security & Forensics LLC now has an in-house team of over 50 cybersecurity and digital forensic specialists.
“With these resources and the support of our experienced investigators, analytic researchers, surveillance teams and forensic accountants, SIP now provides a service that is far beyond that of our competitors,” said CEO Kenneth Lodge.
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July 2020 – SIP launches new service for pre-employment background checks, KYC and anti-money laundering searches

Demand is rising for pre-employment background checks, ‘know your customer’ and anti-money laundering searches, and SIP now undertakes over 50,000 searches worldwide each month.
To cater for this increasing demand, SIP has formed ‘SIP International Verifications LLC’, which has partnered with an established global service provider to offer an efficient, fast, one-stop-global secure search platform. Once a client registers, they have access to a full case management system to order searches worldwide, retain all personal data in one secure environment and pay online.
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