Mobile/ Cellular Phone ForensicsMobile/ Cellular Phone Forensics

Information extracted from mobile cellular phones can be invaluable evidence for a number of reasons whether for criminal prosecution and defence cases, civil and commercial cases, internal security or for intelligence matters. SIP is experienced in this field and has the capabilities to undertake full forensics on mobile cellular phones. SIP uses an array of advanced specialised software that can extract both active and deleted data from all makes of mobile cellular phones, Smartphones, PDA’s, GPS units and other mobile devices. SIP follows strict protocols to ensure that any evidence discovered is admissible in a court of law.

The type of information that can be recovered includes, but is not limited to:-

  • Call History Log Recovery, including dialled, received & missed
  • Text Message (SMS) Recovery
  • Pictures, Videos and Audio Recovery
  • Email and Chat Analysis, accessed via the device
  • Phone Book and Contact Extraction
  • Calendar and Task List Extraction
  • Multimedia Message Recovery
  • Internet Browsing History
  • Social Networking, accessed via the device such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Recovery of User Lock Codes
  • SIM Card Cloning & Data Extraction
  • Physical Memory (Hex) Dump
  • Phone File System Capture
  • Stored Wi-Fi connections

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