Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services

SIP provides a comprehensive coverage through our Managed Detection and Response systems.

Our (MDR) services is an advanced and customised managed security service that provides real time threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, incident analysis, and incident response.

SIP goes beyond the standard services, as we ensure a complete handholding experience. Elevating the offerings to a new level, as we will assure real time security monitoring of all endpoints, UEBA inputs, application performance monitoring and network integrity.

Key service elements :

  • Constantly collecting data to identify potential threats and provide an insight of any attack risk or vulnerability
  • Utilising specialised threat hunting expertise to discover security flaws in end points, user behaviour, network and application
  • 24/7 security monitoring and IR to detect threats, including system policy changes and compliance violations
  • Triaging alerts with a data-driven approach and countering threat incidents right in time based on priority
  • Investigating and managing breaches, eliminating the root cause of the attack and allowing users to quickly get back to business-as-usuCloud Security and Virtualisation

With our expertise and professionalism, you know you are in safe hands with SIP, so contact us now!!

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