Lie Detection

The advantages of lie detection

In today’s age, with the high level of frauds, whistle-blowers, theft of industrial secrets, corporate or product sabotage and many more valid reasons. Lie detection is an important aspect when employing people in a position of trust.

Equally it is a valuable tool for immigration, custom officials, and law enforcement entities. Even in jurisdictions where lie detection reports may not be admissible as evidence, they are an asset in the early stages of integration.

SIP has an experienced ‘Polygraph’ examiner which is the best approach when dealing with a limited number of individuals, to establish the true circumstance of a particular incident. However, for high volume testing for broader applications, we recommend ‘Validated Automated Screening Technology’ or ‘Eye Analysis’ both of which are fast test, with pre-programmed question that the subject reads and answers on a screen.

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