Legal Team Support

We have worked with law firms for decades, we know how important a strong legal team, SIP itself has an established independent team of specialist lawyers in a number of countries, that can also be made available to any of the legal firms that instruct us.

With an increasing number of cases involving cross-border litigation and a growing network of offshore entities behind which individuals and companies can hide, this has never been more important.

SIP’s CEO, Kenneth Lodge, has worked with top international law firms as a legal team member for many years. Kenneth has a vast knowledge of the law and experience navigating complex legal procedures in cases that cut across jurisdictions.

Combining Kenneth’s knowledge and SIP’s forensic and investigatory expertise with solicitors, barristers and QCs has proved invaluable and beneficial when deciding on the tactics of a case. The legal teams Kenneth has worked with have ended up achieving the best results possible for the client.

Solicitors, barristers and judges have praised Kenneth for the manner in which he has contributed to cases, from his evaluation and presentation of evidence, to his approach to legal tactics and recommendations on how a case should be conducted. In some instances, it has been acknowledged that the successful results would not have been achieved for the client without his input.

With our expertise and professionalism, you know you are in safe hands with SIP, so contact us now!!

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