Extortion Investigations and Negotiator Services

Extortion is when someone threatens to disclose information about a party, with the threat intended to cause fear in the victim. The fear can be based on almost anything, such as violence, economic loss, social stigma, in fact anything that might cause the victim to act or hand over money or property.

When there is a threat of violence to a person or member of their family, SIP will always recommend the victim goes to the police. However, many extortion threats are not related to violence, for example where HNW individuals or corporates are targeted, where the extortionist is in possession of confidential personal material, industrial secrets, or other data, which if disclosed could cause public embarrassment, and/or a fall in share value and more. It is for these reasons’ clients come to SIP.

Why, because if they went to the police, there is a risk that the extortion would be leaked to the press before an arrest, or if there was a criminal prosecution against the extortionist, some facts could surface that would be detrimental to the victim.

SIP’s approach is to be totally discreet and protect our clients’ interest, by ensuring great care is taken to prevent exposure, and to secure any material held by the extortionist without surrendering to their demands.

SIP have conducted two complex international extortion cases with great success, one of which was a demand for €100m. For a nominal cost to the client, SIP secured all the confidential material held by the extortionist and avoided any adverse publicity.

How does it work? These assignments are extremely delicate operations, involving a team of experienced investigators, cyber forensics and covert surveillance specialists in order to identify the extortionist, their locations, and gather evidence that would support a criminal conviction against them. Once this has been achieved, a detailed knowledge of law is required for preparing specifically worded contracts between the extortionist and SIP, working as agent for the client.

This contract is drafted by SIP and then scrutinised by specialist contract lawyers in the relevant jurisdiction, to ensure it is enforceable in the country in question.

Following this a final phase is put into action. SIP surveillance teams, having monitored the activities of the extortionist, arrive at their location in the early hours where they are confronted. They are presented with a simple option – co-operate with us and sign a contract for a nominal $1,000/€1,000 with strict NDA clauses and allow us to enter and seize all computers, data storage devices and material associated with our client, or risk criminal prosecution. Their acceptance to our terms is a win-win situation – our client is protected and they have their freedom.

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Financial Investigations & Forensic Accountancy

While fraud and money-laundering activities in businesses and financial institutions are on the rise, these ‘white-collar crimes’ remain notoriously difficult to prosecute.

If fraud is suspected, either committed by employees, through cyberattack or other methods, a thorough financial investigation is essential to provide prosecutable evidence that may be used in criminal or civil proceedings. What’s more, such an investigation can also detect money laundering, terrorist financing and other serious crimes of bribery and corruption.

With its team of fraud investigators, cyber and digital forensic specialists, forensic accountants and surveillance operatives, SIP has the expertise to address any concerns a business may have relating to financial irregularities.

In these cases, clarity on the events is essential, therefore SIP, engages with the client to listen to their concerns and understand their objectives. The information gleamed from the client and with our knowledge of how criminals engage in financial transactions, we target the potential source where we evidence might be secured. As every case will have a different circumstance, we bespoke the investigation to gather the evidence, from all possible internal and external sources.

During the course of these investigations it will often entail the SIP reviewing a very large volume of data to establish the facts and accumulate the vital evidence to support a successful case, albeit for criminal or civil litigation.

With our expertise and professionalism, you know you are in safe hands with SIP, so contact us now!!