Digital Forensics & E-Discovery

Digital Forensics and E-Discovery adopt the same approach in so far as the forensic techniques, the only difference forensics may relate to data recovery, identification of breaches, imaging drives etc for the commercial world. Whereas, E-Discovery additionally includes investigative expertise, which is essential to secure vital evidence in the majority of civil and criminal cases today. E- Discovery adopts techniques that safeguards the integrity of potential evidence to the highest judicial standards. This includes:

  • Websites visited
  • Whether sensitive files have been transferred
  • When files were last accessed
  • Whether any efforts have been made to add, alter, delete, or conceal potential evidence.

In addition practices and methodology have been preferred over this period of time and include:

  • On site seizure and prevention of data,
  • Analysis and investigation of data Reporting,
  • Presentation advice on the preparation requests for the discovery/disclosure.

SIP adheres to strict digital forensic protocols to ensure that all its evidence is acceptable to international court requirements.

On average, SIP extracts in the region of 20% more data than its competitors, as we do not ‘just’ use mainstream tools like most forensics, at SIP we use a combination of mainstream and non-mainstream tools. Our forensic specialist has successfully provided evidence for over 2,500 cases globally for criminal prosecution and defence, as well as a vast number of civil & commercial proceedings.

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