Commercial Investigations

Most agencies will go into vast detail about the different types of investigation that they undertake. In our eyes, any intelligent person is aware of what is involved in undertaking investigations and what is expected of an investigation agency. Therefore we decided, that we would tell you more about us
and explain why we are simply the best! We know that this is a bold statement, but not only will we provide you with an outstanding professional global service. We aim to exceed your expectations when it comes to the amount of intelligence that we are capable of securing and the strategic
recommendations that we provide, that potentially benefit you in the long-term. The added value of SIP reports, is that it will provide a solid foundation for you to make an executive decision internally, or when applicable give you the confidence of submitting our report to your lawyers, knowing that the evidence we submit, is fully compliant and will enhance your chances of winning a case.

You may ask, why do we think we are better, which is a valid point, but simple to answer:

• SIP International has been established since 1983, since then it is estimated that we have undertaken over 50,000 investigations globally. Where our success rate has been phenomenal and far beyond most of our clients expectations. Plus, where our evidence has been submitted to Court, it has always been highly praised and never been successfully challenged by any opposition, no matter how hard they have tried.

• SIP keeps pace with current technology, therefore we use a unique bespoke server, with cyber-intelligence investigative software. Which compliantly extracts data and documents from not only the surface web, but also the deep and dark webs. This is not an online software that can be purchased, it was originally developed for government agency and law enforcement.

• SIP uses a bespoke server which with one search using known identifiers relating to a person or entity, in turn accesses over 420 global subscriber and public databases, including the top AML sites and more.

• SIP uses compliant software to gain intelligence through 24/7 Live Monitoring of the internet, which can extract information globally or it can be geo-zoned to cover a Country, City, or even down to a 1 mile radius or less.

• SIP has a specialised team consisting of fraud & criminal investigators, cyber forensic investigators who are also knowledgeable in blockchain applications and cryptocurrency transaction processes, computer-digital forensics experts with the knowledge to address ‘Ransomware Attack’ investigations and data recovery, forensic accountants, surveillance operatives, research analyst, cybersecurity, AI Integration and technical surveillance counter measures experts etc.

• SIP specialists’ credentials are as good as they come, as many are former U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Service, UK Police and various Government Cybersecurity and Forensics Departments. With this experience SIP provides a leading global service, providing a meticulous assessment of a wide range of variables predicated on an analysis of risks, threats and vulnerabilities, and the consequences these present to individuals and business interests.

No matter what the nature your investigation is albeit internal or worldwide, or if you have any security concern, SIP is here to serve you. All enquiries are dealt with in strictest confidence, so why not contact us by email or phone now!!

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