Business Intelligence

This is where SIP excels itself above most agencies. SIP has a unique bespoke cyberintelligence investigative software, that extracts data and documents from not only the surface web, but also the deep and dark webs. It is in the deep and dark web that departmentalises multiple layers, that contain information that may be relevant. In addition, we have the capability of infiltrate Chat Rooms and secure other information and evidence
as appropriate.

Another advantage when it comes to gathering intelligence, unlike other agencies we use a specialist server which with ‘one’ input of the identifiers we have for the individual or entity, it in turn accesses and searches over 420 subscriber and public databases globally.

Subject to the objective of the due-diligence required and irrespective to the number of individuals or business entities that may be connected with any one investigation. SIP has other reliable established global information resources, investigators and surveillance operative available in most jurisdictions to undertake local investigations as may be applicable.

The combination of all of the above, as well as our experienced analytic researchers whom read and speak most languages, the specialist investigators to pursue leads identified, knowledge of legislation to liaise and work with legal teams to secure Court Orders in many jurisdictions, for disclosure of beneficiary owners or assets, seizure of computers and documentation, freezing of assets if applicable. Means that at SIP assure that that you have the strongest case possible to achieve your objectives.

SIP reports all come with a comprehensive executive summary and appendices that may include timeline of events and associations, documentation compliantly secured from official resources, information, images and documentation that has been secured online, with relevant datalinks identifying the origination of the source of information. As importance of the datalinks to the original sources, shows that the information obtained has been compliant and will be admissible in Court of Law, in most jurisdictions.

SIP comprehensive reports provided, means that it will allow you, a board of Directors or Lawyers to make a very informed judgement, when making any business or legal decision.

With our expertise and professionalism, you know you are in safe hands with SIP, so contact us now!!

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