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Two men charged By detectives from the terrorism investigation unit of Police Service Northern Ireland

Two men charged By detectives from the terrorism investigation unit of Police Service Northern Ireland The Assistant Chief Constable Crime Department, Mark McEwan in a statement said: "Over the last two years police have continued to examine lines of enquiry in connection with this ongoing investigation into the activities of the New IRA. [...]

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Addressing Bomb Threats at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Addressing Bomb Threats at Historically Black Colleges and Universities U.S. Homeland Security made the following statement yesterday: "First several month of 2022 up until the whole year,there has been a troubling uptick in bomb threats across the country, 49 of which targeted Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and 19 against Predominately Black [...]

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Introduction to SIP cybersecurity

Everything valuable must be protected, to us it’s your trust! As at SIP, the decades of trust our patrons have bestowed upon us is the most valuable asset to us, as it has allowed us to protect them. We believe a proactive approach of protection methodologies of your digital assets is the best way [...]

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Enterprise Security solutions

SIP Ensures a complete end to end coverage of all your corporate and industrial IT infrastructure. We secure your on-premise and remote endpoints, and build trusted networks and harden your data and business assets Our global enterprise security services provide a one stop solution, from enterprise security hardening to threat intelligence and forensics. SIP [...]

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TSCM Training Courses

SIP offers comprehensive customised TSCM training courses for corporate security officers and government agency personnel. SIP courses offered include:  TSCM Equipment Training TSCM Procedure Training  Telephone TSCM Training Advanced RF Training TSCM practical training for TSCM teams or operators with prior TSCM experience SIP courses utilise a wide range of electronic surveillance devices including [...]

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Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

SIP has a wealth of experience when it comes to TSCM’s, we evaluate our TSCM assignments, in both the eye of security detection of the devices and that of the perpetrator, insofar as the mythology as to how to implement an attack. Including but not limited to the weaknesses in security to gain accessibility [...]

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Counter Intelligence Practices

SIP has been specialising in Counter Intelligence since 1983. Clients include banks, other financial institutions, small commercial businesses, large corporations, high-net-worth (HNW) individuals, Government Departments and Embassies Globally. It is important to understand that in this day and age there is a high percentage risk, that a competitor to gain a competitive edge, or [...]

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Competitor Intelligence

In this day and age, it is essential to have competitor intelligence in order to retain a successful profitable business by ensuring you maintain the competitive edge above the others in your industry. SIP specialise in providing comprehensive intelligence assessment reports to help you make informed decisions to keep you ahead in your industry. [...]

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Business Intelligence

Gathering business intelligence is primarily aimed at affording a client a competitive advantage. It provides the information required for confident decision-making, albeit mitigating risks associated with mergers and acquisitions, entering new markets or overseas expansion, taking a company public or other financial investment. Since we were established in 1983, SIP has specialised in business [...]

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