Asset Tracing

Known globally for its experience in tracing and recovering assets worldwide, SIP is second to none.

In this current age, it is an easy process for individuals and businesses to incorporate offshore entities and instantly move funds around the world. Often, they will be set up complex corporate structures that are designed to hide the true ownership of assets.

If you are been a target to fraud or any civil or domestic litigation case where a third-party is concealing assets, then SIP is the company to investigate this for you. SIP has the experience and successfully conducted some of the most complex international asset search investigations, where we have identified hundreds of millions in funds and real assets for clients worldwide.

SIP uses several investigation techniques and engage in legal court disclosures simultaneously to identify the ultimate beneficiary of assets, even if they are held by a person with a power of attorney, through a trust or in a network of offshore entities.

SIP generate timelines to demonstrate to the Courts the interaction between the ultimate beneficiary and other third-parties and entities that provide the valuable link of their involvement in transactions, with supportive evidence to prove the ultimate ownership trail. In cases of fraud or other financial crime, it provides evidence that the assets identified were acquired from the proceeds of the crime.

SIP has a vast knowledge of international cross-jurisdiction protocols and the legal procedures required to secure disclosures, search, seizure and recovery orders. For this reason, SIP frequently is frequently part of the legal team, to aid in devising a strategy to ensure that assets are traced and recovered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With our expertise and professionalism, you know you are in safe hands with SIP, so contact us now!!

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