SIP has a wealth of experience when it comes to TSCM’s, we evaluate our TSCM assignments, in both the eye of security detection of the devices and that of the perpetrator, insofar as the mythology as to how to implement an attack. Including but not limited to the weaknesses in security to gain accessibility to the area in question, where to install and type of monitoring device more likely to produce the best audio quality or fast data transmission, etc.
SIP have been specialising in TSCM since 1983, it’s head of department trains government agencies in TSCM’s and is one of only three persons in the world authorised to undertake TSCM on commercial aircraft. SIP clients include banks and other financial institutions, small commercial businesses, large corporations, high-net-worth (HNW) individuals, government departments and embassies globally.
SIP is considered as a leading TSCM service provider and we ensure that your residential and office buildings, vehicles, corporate aircrafts, mega-yachts, etc. Are free from any illicit monitoring devices, as a result of its highly skilled technicians and using the latest state-of-the art detection equipment available.

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