In this day and age, it is essential to have competitor intelligence in order to retain a successful profitable business by ensuring you maintain the competitive edge above the others in your industry. SIP specialise in providing comprehensive intelligence assessment reports to help you make informed decisions to keep you ahead in your industry.
SIP has been undertaking in-depth competitor intelligence assessments for decades, with great success. Our reports are generated using legal and ethical methods for the collection and analysis of information. That allows us to identify the current capabilities, vulnerabilities and future intentions of a business competitor.
Many clients come to SIP with a specific objective, for example they may have heard rumors that a competitor is producing a new product, engaging in a merger or being acquired by a larger organisation. Whereas other client’s understand the value and need for competitor intelligence in general and request SIP to undertake real-time analysis. This can relate to tracking media coverage relating to the successes or complaints about a competitor, or their products, or information on new products/services being released, market trends in their industry, the social and business networks of competitor key executives, business reach, the clients they serve and much more. With SIP bespoke cyber software tools this can be achieved at the click of a button.
SIP offers a global one-stop-solution for competitor intelligence, supported by our in-house investigative software tools, analytic researchers, on the ground investigators and surveillance operatives and forensic accountants.
Large businesses and major corporations will often have their own in-house ‘competitor and market intelligence department’. In these cases, SIP can be an invaluable asset to support this department,  with people in the field globally and an in-house team of over 50 cyber-forensic specialists.
If you require your own in-house bespoke intelligence cyber-lab, SIP has the capability to design and develop a comprehensive competitor and market intelligence service, where a vast amount of the intelligence required simply requires a ‘keyword’ to run searches at the click of button, producing automated alerts when new information becomes available on a competitor.
Competitor intelligence should be built into the infrastructure of every business, to maintain the element in success, allow SIP to be your partner to secure this for you.

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