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Testimonial 01

Law Firm – London 1 (September 2014)

“I have known and have been working with SIP for over 6 years. I have always found SIP to be professional, efficient, expeditious and thorough.
The type of cases that SIP have undertaken with me since I have known them include:

Evidence analysis, Mobile Phone cell forensics and investigations in relation to a criminal defense case where a client, as owner of a bonded warehouse had been charged in relation to the illegal importation of in excess of 20 kilos of cocaine and other contraband. The client was greatly assisted by various SIP team members who conducted exhaustive investigations gave evidence in Court in that case. A high net worth Divorce proceedings where Ken Lodge advised the legal team in relation to evidence and case tactics. He and the SIP team dealt with the analysis of evidence, worldwide asset tracing, forensic accounting, IT Forensics and surveillance. That case was also successful resulting in a multimillion pound Court Order in favour of the client.

Testimonial 02

Investment Funding Company – Netherlands (September 2014)

“We have dealt with SIP Services International Limited and its representative Mr Kenneth Lodge since 2011. During that time they have provided our business with excellent support in the areas of forensic investigation and intelligence gathering. Their work had been a major factor in our success in recovering the shares lost in the illegal “raider attack” in Moldova, helping us to recover the loss of several millions EUR. In that particular case, SIP Services International Limited had undertaken extensive investigations and intelligence gathering in relation of individuals behind raider attacks as well as the complex infrastructure of offshore entities falsified documentation and corrupt officials. In other cases they have provided us with due diligence on individuals and companies in various countries. The services SIP Services International Limited has always been extremely professional and of excellent expertise. We can confidently recommend SIP Services International Limited as a solid and reliable service providers and experts in their field.”

Testimonial 03

Mr. W, Private Client – London Protection Team (October 2015)

“While writing I must compliment your team on the job they did. They were all very courteous and very professional, looking the part and very nice people to deal with.”