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Criminal Investigations and Defense
SIP has represented numerous clients seeking to secure evidence for a prosecution case and defendants wrongly charged with, or convicted of, a criminal offence. This required an analysis of the evidence against him/her, follow up investigations and forensics to be carried out to prove their innocence.
SIP, having a wealth of experience in both criminal investigations and defence cases, has a highly specialised team of criminal investigators and covert surveillance operatives who have dealt with many complex criminal cases worldwide. SIP gathers court-admissible evidence and works closely with the client and their legal representatives to ensure that every effort is made to secure the objective sought.
SIP Criminal Investigation Cases
SIP Cybercrime and Scam Investigation Cases
SIP Criminal Defence and Appeal Cases 
SIP will be happy to discuss your case in order to advise on the best course of action. SIP’s involvement in criminal cases has resulted in very positive results for its clients that it is believed would not have been achieved without SIP’s input.