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Corporate and Commercial Investigations

SIP, having been established since 1983, has a wealth of experience in Corporate and Commercial Investigations and is therefore capable of dealing with any issues that may require investigation. SIP will assist the client by evaluating the particular problem in order that the investigation is dealt with in the most advantageous way to achieve the result sought by the client. At the same time ensuring that the investigation is undertaken in a professional and efficient manner. Each assignment SIP undertakes is tailored to suit the particular needs of the client. The investigation team will include specialist personnel as may be applicable, no matter what the task, be it gathering intelligence, analysis of evidence, forensic accounting, IT forensics, surveillance, etc.

Corporate Fraud and Internal Investigations
Forensic Accounting
Corporate Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence
Counterfeit & Piracy Investigations
Company & Individual Due-Diligence
Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement
International Commercial Research & Risk Assessment
Pre-Employment Background Checks

Needless to say in most jurisdictions some form of data protection will govern such checks. Therefore, in order for us to conduct pre-employment background checks we do require the production of various identity documents and a signed consent form by the candidate.
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