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Now used as an everyday tool to assist legal teams from major criminal cases to corporate sabotage, IT Forensics is fast becoming an integral part of any investigation today.

Like a trail of breadcrumbs leading you back to the beginning some cases are now being solved with no physical evidence other than the data trail imprinted on devices such as computers and mobile phones.

Some of the first cases solved using IT Forensics were financial frauds starting as early as the 1970’s. Even with the creation of file history and document erasing programmes modern technology is still able to trace data back to its origins.

A notable case was the murder of retired art dealer Clifford Lambert of California in 2008, having denied any involvement in his murder the six defendants were convicted on the sole evidence found on their mobile phones.

More recently criminal investigations begin with the analysing of computers and mobile devices of both victims and defendants in a bid to create a profile and gather evidence.

The fictional character of ‘Big Brother’ in George Orwell’s 1984 has now become today’s reality…

Dee York – General Manager, UK/USA Operations

This day 6 years ago I started at SIP Services International Limited and no 2 days have ever been the same since.

Thanks to our MD, Ken Lodge who allowed me to spread my wings from starting as PA/Office Manager to now running operations in the UK/USA and with the opening of our Dubai office has taken me worldwide.

General Manager is an exciting job from reuniting families, complex corporate cases, assisting legal teams, forensic investigations to name a few of SIP’S services, we’ve done it all and I’ve loved absolutely every minute of it so here’s to the next 6 years…

24 August 2016 | International news this week…

TAIWAN – Mega Financial Holding Co is being investigated in Taiwan after US authorities in New York fined the group for anti laundering violations to the tune of $180m. Violations included lack of attention to risk in Panama. Recent investigations in both Europe and the US of financial institutions in China led to this action.

The main defendant in the case, former chairman Tsai Yeou-tsair, who is said to have been banned from leaving the country. The current chairman Shiu Kang-si who denies that the bank has assisted its clients in money laundering, has been asked by the prosecutor to assist them with their investigations into Mega Financial.

The initial investigations reveal that Mega Financial’s compliance lacked insufficient monitoring, inconsistent compliance, reporting and knowledge of US AML (anti-money laundering) policies was limited.