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SIP is a highly reputable company with a wealth of experience in all avenues of investigation with offices in Dubai, London & New York. It has the capability and established track record for producing results whether for a basic trace of an individual or assets, due-diligence, domestic matters, or for complex fraud, extortion & corruption investigations, cybercrime, surveillance, criminal defence or intelligence operations worldwide.

SIP also specialises in Security Risk Assessment, IT Network & Communications Security, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM Sweeps), Tracking Systems, Close Protection, Covert Surveillance Equipment, Cyberlab Development & Training and Hi-Tec Integrated Security Solutions.

SIP’s clients range from private individuals, executives, entrepreneurs and small businesses through to major corporations, banks and other financial institutions. We operate a fully discreet, professional service and work closely with each of our clients to gain a full understanding of their needs and, of course, complete confidentiality comes as standard. The client’s interests are always paramount; they are never forgotten or compromised.

SIP is committed to listening to the client and giving guidance to those who contact us to find the right solutions for them.


SIP’s vision is to be a potential client’s first choice for all Investigation & Security services worldwide.  Our dynamic team is highly motivated, maintains excellence, integrity and professionalism for all assignments undertaken and being second to none.


SIP’s mission is to provide a unique service to its clients by delivering customised, investigation, intelligence and security solutions in order to achieve the client’s ultimate objective. By ensuring that all information resources are reliable and its surveillance teams and security services deploy leading-edge technologies to mitigate emerging threats to its clients.

Value of Integrity

SIP’s employees are background checked and selected for their aptitude to carry out their duties with honesty, integrity and good judgment.


SIP’s confidentiality in respect of the client’s identity and the details of the assignment itself are of paramount importance and therefore SIP adopts a ‘need to know’ policy.

We can guarantee all information received and/or held on behalf of our clients is treated as strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party without a client’s prior consent.


Ken Lodge

Ken Lodge

CEO/Managing Director

Ken Lodge, CEO and founder of SIP (which was incorporated in the UK in 1983), has decades of experience in all the services currently covered by SIP He has worked on assignments in conjunction with Government Agencies, Police and Law Enforcement Departments in the UK and overseas.

Michael Lodge

Michael Lodge

Director & Head of Marketing

Michael Lodge has worked with SIP since 2008 and is a Director of SIP International Ltd, incorporated in Dubai. He is responsible for the running of the Dubai office, case management and marketing.

Rob Miller

Rob Miller

Forensic Accountant

Rob Miller has been working with SIP since 2012, he is a chartered accountant and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) as well as a Practising Associate of The Academy of Experts.

Dean La-Vey

Dean La-Vey

High Technology Electronic Countermeasures Specialist

Dean La-Vey has been working with SIP since 2001, he specialises in high technology security systems, electronic countermeasures, and specialised security products and techniques.

Phil Hards

Phil Hards

IT Forensics & Network Security

Phil Hards has been working with SIP since 2008, he specialities include Criminal Investigation, Fraud, Intelligence and Security Reviews, Analysis of System Vulnerabilities, Computer Forensics.

Surveillance Operatives

Surveillance Operatives


Surveillance Operatives are the unidentifiable, simply due to their active assignments their identities have to remain anonymous. However, their professionalism…